The Principle of Love

love667Love is a huge territory in the realms of spirituality. Still, it’s difficult to put one’s finger on what it really points to because humans are so fickle in love. That seems to point to a higher form of love, one that is unchanging and worthy of complete surrender. But what does that look like? Perhaps it begins with a deep love for the opportunity we’ve been born into, because without that we can’t begin to feel the magnificence of the universe. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And so then I come to bed and it’s like I go back into the dream, in the same vibration that is, even though the dream now sounds different. The whole vibration is the same. The key is to see what this is through the vibration and not the dream image which can cause one to perceive and see something else, or whatever else, that one would imagine and be confused.

So the dream continues with kind of a shift and I say it as a shift because the vibe is familiar yet. And in the dream, I am adding… I am doing this by virtual of eye, meaning I’m eyeballing it. I’m not properly measuring or I’m not doing the kind of workmanship that’s very careful, of a skilled carpenter one might say. I am just viewing by eye how something needs to fit.

And what I’m fitting is a new wheel that the brackets, that are the important part, that hold this together onto a shopping cart. These brackets and whatnot, that I had to eyeball in, hold the whole framework in place and, because I did it by eye, the assembly is a little off center. It still looks like it’s workable, but it’s a little off center.

So I then load all my belongings onto the cart, and I then push it up a hill and for the evening I have to put it into a storage area. I’m worried that the weight on the cart will cause the wheel to collapse, so I don’t go all the way up to the top storage facility, which would have been handier and easier to exit from in the morning. I feel that to do that would be pushing my luck and I might have a problem, the wheel might not hold up or something, and if I had a problem pushing it up the hill I don’t know how I’d deal with it; then it would only have three wheels instead of four.

Another person, who’s like the shadow of the activity, takes her cart in a more desired storage facility. And then the dream picks up in the morning where we have to go through customs. On the first go around, she is held back. I come out of an area apparently okay. She was actually, seemingly I thought, ahead of me, but as it works out I come out of the area expecting her to be clear, and she’s just sitting there having to wait for someone else to come to help her because she was denied going through the customs the first time. So she needs something yet, before she can go through customs.

She’s calm about it, and I get the sense just like she’s feeling, it’ll all be okay, it’s just an extra hoop she has got to go through. I get the sense that it also is no big deal; it’s a technicality she has to work through.

So what the dream is doing is it’s portraying a concern that affects a free flow that I am confronted with taking on. I must account for this newfound concern as part of my newfound whereabouts – in terms of the wholeness of life. Or, in other words, I’m now aware of this sort of thing and it weighs upon the heart as added consideration that I have to take into account.

And, as a consequence, that having opened up has me contending with the overall outer world being different, or the world of light being different. And in doing so I now have the shadow dynamics of the outer, of the whole, which impose upon me, that I seem to have to work with to work out. And that can be a little different; it can work a little different.

My hope and my belief in the dream even inflects a little differently. It’s like the degree to which I take something to heart, that strikes the heart in a certain way that I hold it in the heart, can cause me to have a certain reservation almost as an echo through that quality of the pain in the heart. It keeps me from pushing things, but to the part of me that has the clarity and doesn’t seem to have to contend with that principle where love opens up in the heart, I can get closer to a destination, I can get into things more. However, to twine through it requires the heart. The clarity of something runs into barriers and resistances when it doesn’t have that heart.

That’s why I was able to see that this is a soul on soul and a whole deal that works with magnetism to the body that draws in the soul. I was able to see how all that worked, and the two parameters, the one parameter of a clarity that is like a masculine quality, and the other that’s the love principle of the intertwining, and the connectivity, and that’s the feminine principle.

The natural intertwining of the feminine, that quality is like the ability to recognize how to raise a consciousness in the surroundings around you – because the clarity in and of itself would never do that. The clarity works for what makes sense, and yet the clarity is important because your dream indicated that without that aspect or part of it pulled together, you would have a problem. And the problem you’d have is you wouldn’t have the basis from which in the middle something can be made more conscious.

And so I actually hear this followup in which I am told that I am in a very strange dilemma and that the principle of love needs to flow out into everything. I am currently inhibited by weight and barriers upon the heart. That’s the statement.

The reason for the statement is because I guess is what is necessary to cause something to come through, and that’s like a statement I must get through. I mean I can’t let that block the clarity; clarity’s important, too, even though the clarity in and of itself is a density and is a woodland and rustic trait, which means animalistic quality, in a way just in and of itself. I must deal with that because it is in creation, it’s in manifestation. I need the magnetism of that for the flow to be able to function as it’s designed to function: soul on soul. I call it flow.

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