The Wrong Stuff

altIt has been said that the greatest cause of stress in a human life is the loss of the fundamental understanding of why we are here. It’s stressful because our purpose is part of our design, so we are constantly trying to make the connection, yet we’re unable to. And it is exactly this disconnection from our human purpose that causes everyone to run around looking for meaning in meaningless things. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, I don’t have much from my dreams last night. They were very frustrating because I was frustrated in the dream.

I know in one dream I had gone with some other people into a house. It felt like it was almost more like a cabin in the woods where a family had been living. It almost felt like a family of survivalists or something, and they had some teenage boys. They’re not there now.

I mean you feel like some of the family has kind of disappeared, and maybe someone’s even in jail, and we’re trying to look through things there at the cabin and figure out where something’s hidden, or get some information of some kind. So I’m looking through the boy’s schoolbooks, and I’m looking through notebooks that are there, and kind of looking around the cabin.

It’s already been gone through once and I keep feeling like there’s information there that we’re missing, but I also know it wouldn’t be obvious anyway because other people have been through it before me, but I’m coming back and looking anyway.

And then it feels like there’s kind of a switch and I’ve gone to a hospital for some tests, but it’s the same as at the cabin I feel like. Whatever people are looking for medically they’re like missing the boat, like whatever they’re doing it’s already been done, or whatever they’re doing is protocol with a series of tests is not really the right thing.

And that’s the whole thing I have of the dream, I feel like we’re not looking in the right area, or we’re missing something that we should have found, or there’s some other way of looking at something other than how we’re looking at it, that we’re not pursuing the right avenue to get the information we need. So I just have this real frustrated feeling all the time.

John: It’s the theme of the dream: it’s hopeless. It’s absolutely hopeless. That’s how I was dreaming all night long, too. And the reason why it’s hopeless is no one is buying into the fact that everything is in a catastrophic state right now.

And the biggest reason for that, and it permeates in all aspects of life, is that no one is accepting the shame or the guilt. No one’s accepting the guilt that exists, and this guilt exists on all levels. And, as a consequence, everyone is looking and pretending that it’s all about something else – and yet no one is clean. All of society is filthy and, until they accept the guilt nothing can get fixed, nothing can shift, and nothing can change.

And this guilt has to run its course, and because it’s not being accepted and not being dealt with, it is running its course. And the way it’s running its course is it’s destroying everything. And so I’m sitting and I’m wondering how is it possible to exist? How is it possible to stay alive? How is it possible for life to permeate and to continue?

It looks like we’re sitting in a situation in which everything is in a phase of almost a kind of wipeout. How does one contend with that? Now, the way you’re experiencing it is you’re experiencing that there’s supposed to be something other that’s alive, and it takes on the sensation of being something like in a survivalist thing, but you can’t get a feel for it.

No one is addressing the issue. No one is looking at the fundamental issue. It feels like everything is in a state of extreme stress and doesn’t even know it. The underlying reason for it that I was shown is this whole quality of guilt, this whole quality of shame that we have lost what it is that we’re supposed to be about, and what life is supposed to be about – and we can’t get back on track, and that we stay in some sort of amnesic state almost forgetting what it’s like to remember, to grasp that.

And I think everything is falling apart. I’m experiencing this to be more and more dire, and your dream is no different than my dream. Your dream which is rather amazing that you would be looking at it like this because you’re portraying two dreams in which you are fumbling about trying to find a missing piece in regards to something that has to do, in the first dream with something that you know needs to be there but isn’t there, and in the second dream in terms of something that needs to be discovered in terms of an aliveness that can’t be discovered because everyone is looking, and steered into looking, and detoured into thinking and working with the wrong stuff, the wrong things,

It’s building and building. A person comes to this conclusion when they develop a relationship with the soul. If you don’t have a relationship with the soul, you could still go around and kind of feel the heart of things, and then work within the mirage of magnetism and body, mind and sort that out, and shift that out, and juggle that around in terms of heart.

And there’s always a kind of hope that makes one feel that there is something to be achieved, or reached, or understood, or grasped. In other words, that’s important, that’s findable. But when you connect on the soul level, when you start looking at everything on a soul level, it really looks hopeless. It actually is depressing. It actually creates the state where nothing makes any sense, nothing is relatable, and that everything that you see out there that people are doing is bizarre.

And so you’re having this dream in which you’re looking for something, and that something that you’re looking for, that something you’re trying to put your finger on, has nothing to do with something that is tangible in a physical sense, nor is it tangible in a heart sense. It’s tangible on a soul level, on a greater overall.

In the second dream it has to do with your well being, and in the first dream it has to do with some hiddenness that can’t be located and found, that you know is out there, and resides in some fashion – but what is it? Where is it? How do you put your finger on it? Pretty scary stuff.

If you really were to look closely at the dream you did have a sense of something that you couldn’t find in the normal way that you were looking at it, and that sense came from the fact that you had to let go of everything in order for that something to have some semblance there. That’s kind of how you knew that it was there, right? Everything that you did couldn’t get to it.

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