The Flow of the Soul

theophanic_light_-_symmetry_of_soulSo we can begin to see how a development process proceeds: a connection is made, and new intelligence comes through. Then we process that for a time, while we also work on making other new connections. When connections are made, things dormant in us awaken. Then we need to clear more area of our old processes to make way for new processes. It’s gradual – it has to be; we couldn’t handle it all at once. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well my dreams were hard to hold onto last night. I remember the very last dream. It felt like I had gone to the doctor for a checkup after a cancer surgery, but it’s like I must have moved from where I lived before so I went to a new doctor I’d never seen before. In fact, I had two doctors, one in one place and one in the other.

And I kind of liked the new doctor, but they don’t communicate a lot and so I’ve gone back to talk to a friend of mine who’s also a doctor, and I’m telling her that I’ve seen a new doctor for a checkup, but they don’t really give you a lot of information.

And then it feels like I’m in a scene where the information is there, but it’s almost like it’s in a song. I’m trying to figure out what information I’m being given. It’s almost like I can get one piece of it, but I can’t get the whole thing. I just don’t remember the dream well.

John: The second dream is different than the first dream. In fact, the first dream wants to fade and it wants to wipe both of them out, is what it amounts to, if you’re not careful, because one’s a precursor energy and then it leads up to something else.

So, what’s going on in the first dream is the old doctor that you have is your familiarity, that’s the aspect that has to do with where you’re at on the journey, and on the path, and how it is that you have come to see yourself. And the new doctor is a change or a shift that has happened, in terms of something different about you that has woken up or come through. And you don’t have the parameters down on where that’s going or how that’s going to be yet, and therefore there is kind of an apprehension or a peculiarity of your nature that sits there in apprehension because it’s something as a new way of being for you to have to catch up with, or to have to appreciate.

The term doctor for you is symbolic of the fact that you’re worked upon. You know, I suppose if I were to use the word it would be a scientist, that’s causing something to be figured out or understood, that’s different from one way of being versus another. But, in your case, it’s like a doctor in that it’s a type of healing, meaning transitioning, or coming into your own as you’re meant to be. And this other is speaking of what is meant to come into being.

In other words, you’re able to understand something on a level that is different than just the cause and effect or mind orientation towards something. You are able to connect to something so much more – and you’re not doing it automatically, meaning you’re not doing it as if it’s just out of the blue and it just suddenly opens up. In order to cause you to understand what it is, because it’s not something you tangibly put your fingers on, you use an image that corresponds to something that you know works as a spiritual process in, for example, the Chisti practice.

And you’re using the idea that there’s something about music that causes the effect of the hiddenness to become knowable or known to you, and so the shift that you’re making has something to do with you catching up with a level of understanding of the soul that you weren’t seeing before. And so the going to the doctor has the similitude of catching up to this other level, that is a soul level within yourself, that is opening up – just like the parallel of the music opens up in terms of, say Chisti, draws in as a magnetism, draws in the flow of the soul. You use that understanding or image to help explain the first dream as we are calling it. I mean you could have had this in reverse even, the dreams in reverse.

But the one explains the other. The one uses the hint and implicates what is going on in terms of the other. You have to put the two together in order to see the unfoldment flow.

So what this dream is like, in terms of looking at this kind of dynamic, it’s like this created some sort of inflective impression and then you took the inflective impression into the dreamworld and it’s almost like you were spurred, so to speak, in terms of trying to draw closer to what that’s all about, or where you’re at in relationship to this kind of understanding, and what you did is you kind of mutate it in that direction.

It’s interesting how something creates the awakening, how thoughts and energetics create an awakening, or even keep one, hold one, back based upon the way they play upon the nature and how a certain intrigue, or magnetic fascination, pulls something forward. Because, in a sense, you could say you’re trying to look at the scenario of things. You could say your dream, you dreamt of something that you had an inkling of understanding about and you drilled down on it in your sleep.

As a result of drilling down on it like that, you actually technically understand it better vibrationally. That’s the importance of doing something like that.

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