The Consciousness Process

1355309621We often imagine that we know what lies ahead in our spiritual journey, but we don’t. And that’s because as we let go of aspects of our ego identity, we uncover other aspects that were invisible before, and those need to be shed as well. The reality is, when we embark on a spiritual quest, we continually enter unknown, inner territories, and that’s why we need to listen to our inner guidance to find our way through the darkness. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So then I came to bed and, in the first dream, I have gone from using water as my mixture agent, and catalyst for things, to honey as the substance that I apply to and work towards filtering through a substance.

The honey does not come out of the substance, it gets mixed into it, it binds in some fashion. But water will ooze out and can be filtered away. I am used to receiving a massage-like treatment in which water like that, in other words, this is all energetic in which this effect is like this. And I have never used honey before as the elixir base and I am not able to monitor the end effect like I can. In other words, I know that with water it results in something becoming pure in a releasing or letting go.

So the effect of using honey as a massage treatment elixir as part of the formula of what is applied or used has me not knowing what to make out of what the end result effect will be. In other words, I can’t see through it, I can’t go through it, I can’t release, I can’t let go. It’s like I try to let go, but then again it’s something you just aren’t quite allowed to be able to let go of – and that’s confusing.

And yet you still try to do it in that way, and so I look and I look at the process trying to see how to get this to filter, to get the honey to filter, which I had been able to do with water that is extractible, but I’m not able to see that with honey so I do not know how to gauge the end result, or what the end result and what this is about and where it’s going and what it means. In other words, an emptiness is still holding a substance.

So the meaning is the dream is denoting that a shift has occurred in terms of how it is that I am able to appreciate the unfoldment of the consciousness process. I am used to having an idea of where it is going based upon understanding the characteristics of the substances used in life. The use of honey as a binding element that facilitates a process applied upon me and causing me to not be as dismissive, in other words, be able to let something go, is something new for me.

I am not able to determine the end result effect, or see where the process is going, because of the way that such an agent binds. With water the flow goes through me. I expect the flow to go through and do not know what to make out of the fact that I am not able to gauge the end result like with water – because the honey doesn’t flow through. And, of course, honey is something that has a symbolic meaning just in and of itself, in terms of honey being something sweet and meant to be kind of thing.

So I am being changed because something is adhering when before I was left going from state to state. In other words, it’s like you could even say that our process of dreaming is working in a purification way because we would go into a state and then we would not remember it, and then there would be another state and we would not remember it, and another state. And all of that was working as a purification process just like the water flowed through and left it empty.

Using water is part of the process of dealing, as far as absorption and release of the negative limiting factors of one’s nature. Nothing sticks as the ego is expelled and rendered empty, or exposed anyway and rendered empty. It’s never eliminated totally. With honey there is a result in the process I need to take into account. Try as I might I see this as a flow like water. I am not able to get there.

Consequently, I am shaped to be a physical vehicle that is able to appreciate life in ways that were heretofore unknown. But do I really appreciate it, because there is something more that has to happen? This kind of creates a confusion because when you’re like this you’re always trying to annihilate that, too, because you’re used to the emptiness. You’re used to that initial process. And so this leads to the next dream, and the next dream feels like I picked up on this dream energetically. It seems correlated but it’s entirely different.

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