The Hollowness of Everything

b1pipe001It’s easy to look at the world and think that man has become disconnected from his purpose, that he has lost his way. And it’s true. But that disconnection will, ultimately have consequences. Everything in the universe evolves according to rules, with the one exception of human beings who, because of freedom of choice, must choose to play by the rules – we aren’t enslaved to those rules. By ignoring our true purpose, we put our species in jeopardy because the system won’t sustain elements that undercut its evolution. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in this dream, it’s hard to describe because the way I see it is I live at the top of a society. In other words, it’s like there’s a system of things, and in the system of things there’s a connective order that flows through it all. But it’s meant to intertwine, but it doesn’t. It has kind of tiers to it.

In other words, although I can see myself up on the high on something, the low is like layer after layer – but these layers are different. These layers have evolved over time. In a way I have nothing to be concerned about because the way things are tiered; because they’re tiered I’m not going to be having to contend, or be affected by, the daily nuances, because the daily stuff that is down below, that repeats and goes around and around, doesn’t have a lot of energy to it. When you’re sitting up at the top there it doesn’t reach up to where you’re at, it doesn’t touch you.

Now this has changed over time. Initially when this was tiered like this, the way you put it is society has evolved from what had been a natural and noticeable counterbalance, in which a kind of body double with consciousness existed which reflected the evolvement. In other words, the zone of things reflected the concepts that society had adopted, and those reflections sustained the buffer.

In other words, the way you see it is you see something at the top, and then you see things that are down at the bottom, and then you have the zone in between, and then you have another parallel zone in between – and those are shadows. That’s a shadow dynamic in society. And so everything down here, will be subject to having to not being able to sort out those reflections.

And so those reflections will continue to dominate, so something up here at the top can never be reached. And if you’re sitting at the top you can’t communicate with life, or creation, or manifestation down here because you have these reflections and they can’t get through these reflections. And likewise you’re safe in other words then, so to speak safe at the top like that, which means nothing can happen. You can sit up there, but the linkage from there down to below can’t happen.

That’s how it used to be. That’s how it was at a particular point in time, but time has evolved from that. There used to be these schematic reflections, in other words, you didn’t have to work on something that connected. It was automatically the reflection, and the reflection kept this thing even more at bay so that the connection couldn’t be streamlined to go from the masses of society to the top. Well that’s changed; the reflection has been taken out.

So, when you take out the reflection you now have the streamline of consciousness, then you have something at the top, and then you have everything here. Now, you’re still safe. You’re still off limits because who can go through this barrier, this zone? Who can go through this zone to get up to where you’re at up at the top? And the zone has a power in and of itself. It’s almost as if that is weaponized in a mannerism so that the forces of society that sit below it have to contend with that, and have to look at that, and have to work with that, and have to deal with that, and you don’t have to think anything about it as you sit up at the top – because they’re not going to get through that.

In other words, there’s just this huge gap that exists where everyone has to get through that, and everyone exists below that gap in terms of where I’m at on another consciousness plane, I’m not challenged, as a general rule, because the day-to-day affairs keep people from aspiring to where I’m at. I am also shielded from having to contend with evolution from the masses because mannerisms they carry keep them from aspiring beyond a certain point – and now this too has changed.

In other words, first I described the beginning of the reflection, just like we have the shadow dynamics that, in order to become more real ourself, we have to work with our shadow, we have to come to bring that in instead of keeping that as an outside force. As long as we carry a shadow we always rationalize why it is that things happen – as opposed to take it all in in terms of it being really us.

Well, it’s just like we have a shadow, so does creation or manifestation have a shadow between the inner and the outer. And then when you remove that, then you have this consciousness streamlined that can come together. But the concepts and the barriers, the moods, the attitudes and whatnot, they keep that from connecting. But now that has changed; it’s meant to connect.

Well, it is connecting. The problem is, well, there’s a big problem in the connection, so that too has changed. The natural barrier of me at a top and everyone else significantly below unable to challenge the space where I’m at because of their endless in-between levels of consciousness that they’ve never gotten through or transcended. Well, the whole thing is losing its grip.

Changes have occurred, such as things like the internet that have wakened people up as an example, and it’s caused people to see through what had been the way they had been content in the past to go along carrying themselves and talking themselves into things and believing things and basically being constantly duped. I no longer am secure when there is this kind of reality that’s waking up.

The reflections fell away long ago and now this plane is crumbling as more and more people wake up to how things actually are. Well, it’s still not right because there’s a lot of mayhem as a result of this. One is it’s not something that a society as a whole has ever reached, or in this microcosm dream I have been secure in my position of power and control at the top of a pyramid in which beneath me natural veils of conceptual dogma dominated man’s ability to perceive things directly.

So now you have to bring this to the present. This time the gig is up. No longer does the stigma predominate. Everyone is becoming more and more aware of the differences, and how they stand what they’re aware of is just an aspect of it. They’re not aware of the divinity of it, they’re only aware of the perverted part of it and, therefore, they’re not aware of anything because this is done with an outer motif.

But even starting at this rate no longer does the stigma predominate. Everyone is becoming more and more aware of the differences, and their awareness is causing the barriers to dissolve and the result is the mayhem that is ripping things at the seams. In other words, to the degree that this is like an order of things it is also true in terms of nature. Manifestation no longer can look at nature and keep things in check. Man has stepped out to where those mysteries have also been challenged.

In other words, the chemistry of what makes things tick all the way down to the atom, they’ve been challenged. Rudely, of course, but still challenged. Unfortunately, because the challenge is perverted; it comes from advanced design to manipulate nature. It comes from power and control techniques to steer things around.

The temperance, in other words the way you put things into a proper balance is not there. In other words, there’s no divine intertwined awareness. It’s been compromised. More than compromised, it’s more or less lost. Without this principle wholeness in place the so-called evolution coupled with advancements that challenge the natural order have brought mankind to the point where he is destroying his ecosystem as well as all of his man-made systems.

So when I look at what has changed, nothing is shielded anymore. The protections are gone. Unless this deep-seated inner divinity is found again in life, or in one’s life, the hollowness of everything will prevail. If this prevails, it will be like mystics say when it gets to the point where there is no light, nothing can remain. Life as we know it will come to an end.

On a parallel level to the breakdown, there is a slight ray of hope. There is a subtle consciousness evolving that is not lost in the mayhem. This awareness is not strong enough to make a difference, but still hope exists that someday this will be possible.

And so, as if this isn’t clear enough, what I dreamed was from a microcosmic perspective of life that is around me, I was able to peel back the veils to see from this little picture, the macro picture as well. Just like I have to sustain or maintain a connection to this inner power of divinity in my life to keep from being consumed by lower-self energies, on a macro level if there is no longer a divine thread the breakthroughs of sight and evolution over the spells of nature are meaningless.

Behind all that exists is an inner divine essence that man is able to access, and if this doesn’t become part of who he is – on a conscious level – an emptiness prevails. This is not an emptiness to the world. it is an emptiness that is an ignorance towards God, his world, and how the inner flow predominates his divinity.

What is really sad about these times is that the divinity is who we really are, but we just don’t seem to be able to get to it, so how can we adhere to anything? And everyone keeps figuring out a way to anesthetize themselves from it. There’s a deep pain and inner longing that prevails and I am finding this tearing at the social fabric of my outer perceptions. To scale the depths of this longing is like an insanity in the eyes of conventionality. The more I get that way, and the more that I get there the more I am unable to condone the crutches of conventionality, and the more I can’t do that the more sober I become to my plight.

To be sober is to feel the heavy sorrow and to carry a deep inner longing, that makes no sense to the social fabric around me, that has a dilemma because the social fabric is no longer able to perpetuate itself much longer. So the moment of reckoning approaches. The shock is like a day versus night jolt in that the awareness shift appears to be too great a disturbance for mankind to handle.

It appears to be that way because they’re not handling it, they’re not even trying anymore. They’re only pretending; they’re playing games. And what you do is you just watch the peculiarities. In other words, everyone adjusts to get a reading of what the current state of peculiarity is, and you orchestrate yourself accordingly. Wild, it’s pretty weird because in that none of that is connected to anything real, none of it even is trying to connect to anything real when it’s like that.

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