The Encompassing Matrix

EnergyShifts_14Some day, some way we will actually learn to believe that we, as humans, are connected to everything in the universe. Yes, we talk about it and like the idea of it, but do we really believe it? Not so much and, if at all, only in short bursts. Yet we have the ability for this universal connection, and it can be strengthened by our acting in accordance with the responsibility that that implies. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, my dreams are kind of vague or something, like in one I know that I’m in kind of a vast outdoor landscape. I don’t remember doing anything specific, I just remember it’s more of an area that has like really large rocks you can walk on, and seems vast, more desert-y, mountainous.

In the other dream it seems like I’m in a hotel of some kind, along with three other people and then someone who seems to consult with us now and then. I’ve gone and I’ve picked out some colors, and these colors are almost like colors that are artist colors that you squeeze out on a palette – which is in the other room.

The people I’m with are using them, they’re mixing the colors together in some kind of a design, or going and applying them on something. And it seems like while they’re doing that I’m usually in another room talking with the consultant, and then I maybe go back and see what they’re doing. So I might have had a part in picking out the colors.

They were kind of soft colors. Again, they reminded me a little bit of the desert. There might have been a soft rose color, and maybe a soft green color, and a couple other colors, so it’s almost like I help pick out some colors for the palette, but I don’t really see what they’re being applied to. The dreams were all wispy like that.

John: The dream with the colors and the picking out and whatnot, what is going on there is you’re taking a step… In other words, if this dream were explained, like I’m going to explain it, in the dream group, I’d probably get thrown out because no one would be able to, even in their foggiest mind, see how this dream could be understood this way. Nor would they be willing to accept that a human being can become like this, in terms of their consciousness, or that anything like this even exists as a possibility.

And that’s because the definition of things has gotten so strained that all meaning has gotten choked out of the language coming from the soul. But what your dream is talking about is these colors, somehow or another, you at some level or depth inside of yourself, are shaping the way something is unfolding in the outer – and this shaping is a shaping that occurs with colors.

In other words, light and colors are somewhat synonymous in that within the light is information and that information, when you connect to it, runs through you, it channels through you, it is something that you catch up with from inside of yourself – that is part of you, but you’re just not aware that you operate on this level.

So you have these colors, you have opened up this degree of light inside of yourself, or this degree of consciousness inside of yourself and, as a consequence of it being opened up, it emanates out, and it flows, and it touches things in life. And you’re sitting trying to figure out: where did this come from? You’re trying to find a simple black-and-white explanation.

There is no black-and-white explanation because a human being’s connection to things is as large as the universe and, because everything is entwined, when you catch up with something inside of yourself that is able to come to an attunement with the way the light works, or the flow of colors works around, have you done anything? No, you’ve just reached something that has always been going on in terms of how things are in this all encompassing matrix.

And you can participate in and have a greater ideal, and idea, of what is going on. Your ideals can tend to get in the way, but they can become that of noticing what is going on, which means the ideal, then, is that of the creator. You can notice that. You can be hip to that. You don’t just have to be bibble-bobbling about.

And so for some reason you have the sense of this color portrayal that is emanating through you, that is part of how everything is designed, and you can’t explain where it comes from because you can’t possibly grasp all of it – not with your faculties – but you’re aware that you have this quality about yourself. You’re finally having to admit and accept that you have this quality about yourself.

Like I say, if you were to tell the dream group that they have this quality about themselves and that they can come to an awareness of it, and in this awareness that they are actually participating in some fashion with the unfoldment of life because they are seeing – not knowing where these colors came from – but that they’re seeing that these colors are construing out and affecting the landscape of all that exists. Well, they would say, boy oh boy, you sure have an active imagination.

Well, it’s fortunate that I had a dream similar to that or I would have been completely confused – and it also dealt with colors.

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