The Call of Duty

maultIt is almost blasphemy to think that creation, or God, or the universe needs our help. Yet it does, because the human is part of creation and everything has its role to play in the scheme of things. The human, because it is the most evolved being, has the most important role to play of all God’s creatures – and we are not fulfilling that role. That puts everything that relies on the human in a sort of jeopardy and stress. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In this next dream I am a guest in a large house owned by a woman who is handicapped. In order for her to go from the ground floor, where she spends time in the day, to the upper floor, which is huge, it’s a living area in and of itself, yet it’s also her bedroom because she has couches and chairs set up there, and yet she has a bed. I mean, who would have guessed unless you went up there that it’s an incredibly large space up there?

I’m a guest at her house and normally she doesn’t have a guest at her house, and she figures out how, it’s awkward for her because she’s handicapped, but she has some sort of lift or means or something that helps her get up the stairs – but it takes a long time for her to navigate that.

I do not know any of this. I’m just there and I’m surprised when she says to me, “Can you give me a lift?” What she wants me to do is carry her upstairs. In other words, I am there and I can help. And I suddenly realize, oh yeah, it’s faster because she has to struggle her way upstairs, and I could just carry her upstairs instead of her having to try to make the best out of an antiquated mannerism and system that she has to get to her resting place.

Well, I’m obviously surprised by the request, and she gets inside, or is inside, of what looks like a boatish tube, just big enough that you can sit in like a little egg, or a little something, that you sit in. It’s not that big that I can’t pick that whole thing up, which is what I do, and I carry it up the stairs.

It’s a corridor of stairs that I have to go up, and so I have to be careful I don’t bang on this, that, and the other, but I can carry it all the way to the top. It’s all I can do to carry it up there, but I keep going step by step and it’s a lot faster and it certainly is a relief from her having to do it in some way that was very awkward for her. And she directs and guides me so that I pull this off without dropping her.

And then when I get to the top I can’t help but comment how large and complete this upper place is of hers. She has everything she needs to function up here. She directs me to take her over to the bed and place her there. She says, “I can handle it from here,” and so I leave.

The sense I had was this is a large house that is like a tuna house. Where I got that notion, I don’t know. And her container is shaped like a fishbowl. So I introduce the element of something having a fish nature in it because fish signifies consciousness.

And the meaning of this is I have a duty in life to help creation catch up with its well being during this time of need. The woman is symbolic of the great mother. She needs a helping hand. The reference to fish images is to denote that the helping hand is in the arena of facilitating the unfoldment of consciousness.

My role is that of bridging the gap. In other words, like a type of connective linkage that quickly fills a need. My role is no more than that. Once the barrier is transcended consciously, the soul of creation can take it from there. And the theme is, this dream is under the theme that we all have a duty we must catch up with inside. The dream is portraying my duty.

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