A Spy In Life

spy66If we were good spies, we would enter an area, gather the information we needed to complete our mission, and then slip out undetected. There’s no room for personal involvement, i.e., they were mean to me, I don’t like the design of this or that. In a dream we are all the characters, so when Jeane gets stopped by a checkpoint guard, it is only one aspect of her that has been detained, or one element that has some personal involvement. The rest of her is able to maintain its invisibility and continue on. It is our personal involvements that prevent us from proceeding in life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: It feels like I had one long dream where the thing I remember most about the dream is it felt like I was assuming certain postures, or doing something with my hands, so that I would deflect arrows that were being aimed at me. It seemed like a very impersonal thing actually. That’s all I really remember from that dream.

John: That’s a good image that shows that you’re somehow or another capable of holding a space that is important for purposes that don’t have to be decided in that dream, necessarily. You’re able to hold a space in spite of conditions. That space is apparently important, you’re able to deflect things that try to contaminate, or hurt, or harm, or penetrate that space. So it’s actually a constructive service there.

Jeane: In this next dream it feels like I’m young, I mean like around 20 or something like that. I’m in a country that feels somewhat like East Germany before the wall came down, and I’m trying to escape the country and meet up with some other spies that are leaving the country. I’m a spy of some kind.

So before I can rendezvous with my friends – who are a little bit older woman and maybe a guy about my age or maybe there are two other, I’m not sure. But, anyway, before I can rendezvous with them I run into somebody who’s like a guard, border guard of some kind, but he doesn’t realize that I’m a spy, so he just sees me as a young person who’s out and a little disoriented. So he kind of shows me which way to go through the woods or something, so I take his advice: I go through that way.

I finally meet up with my friends and we get on a train. It feels like and we’re leaving the country. We feel like we’re finally going to escape. And I’ve gone up to a train compartment with the woman who seems to be in charge and, at one point, she opens up a container. It almost looks like a small perfume container, but when I unscrew the lid on it it has different kinds of food in it, but they’re all kind of too sweet. They’re not the best foods, but it’s all there seems to be there right now. And then I kind of wander away from her.

Well, then I actually run into the guard, who by now realizes that I was a spy, but he doesn’t realize I’m with other spies, so he takes me down to a compartment on the train because the train’s in motion. It’s not like you can get off the train at this point. I’m kind of sitting on a bed that he’s on and I’m captured.

I feel kind of badly about he helped me before and now here I was a spy. I realize I have one or two weapons on me, but one’s in a case. It’s some kind of a sword that’s in a case, and the other is a knife that’s still in its package. So I dig around and I hand those to him because I kind of feel badly about them, but I kind of point out that I hadn’t even unwrapped them. Anyway, that was when I woke up.

Oh, the other thing about that scene is it felt like I pulled out a big apple but I kept looking for a place to take a bite out of the apple, but it’s all kind of rotted in different parts.

John: The dream is indicating that you’ve been able to actually take a step, or move ahead, in a process or an unfoldment that you shouldn’t have been able to make but you did it anyway. Therefore, like the apple, which has to do with one’s health, is rotten when you take a bite out of it, which indicates that something isn’t quite appropriate or right. And the thing that you’ve done is you have been able to be moved along further than normal because you are able to get past a checkpoint, or something that would have held you up, and you’re in a zone where there are other people that are operating in an invisible way.

You almost look sacrificial in something like that because you get exposed, but the other parts of yourself can kind of go on. So some aspect of yourself gets tripped up, but the other aspects continue on. And even in the dream there’s some question as to whether or not, just because you’ve been caught up with whether you actually, for all intents and purposes, you look pretty innocent. You don’t even have your weapons ready to go. You can come across as kind of like harmless because you are not really sophisticated.

The thing about the dream is that where and how this is meant to continue to evolve and unfold is still left up in the air. In other words, you may actually be given a pass yet, and even if you aren’t given a pass, the others got through. So something was able to proceed, just one little aspect tripped something up, but the rest remains invisible and is able to unfold.

So it’s an interesting dream in which it almost suggests or implies that something got ahead of itself, and by getting ahead it is like a little bit sacrificial in that it is understandable that it could get tripped up, but it’s also understandable that you’re not harmful in this space necessarily because it’s not like you’re properly weaponized. I mean, you don’t even have the proper readiness there, and yet you do because you’re with these other spies and they get through.

It’s an interesting dream in that it’s indicating and suggesting that there is something that is unfolding and taking place that doesn’t necessarily meet the eye. In other words, you have these arrows being shot at you in the first one and you’re deflecting them right and left. I mean, you can see them, and you’re deflecting them, and you’re able to hold a space.

And then that progresses into this thing where you’re able to go into an area that you shouldn’t have been able to get into under ordinary circumstances, and in that area is a whole bunch of others who are invisible and quiet. Maybe you still needed a little bit of polish to be in there with them, because you did get exposed, and yet at the same time it’s understandable in terms of the fact that, sure, what you’re doing is a little bit reprehensible and has to be stopped, but is it really a bad thing? No, not really, not necessarily because the whole idea is to be able to proceed discreetly and invisibly.

That is what a Sufi is, is that they are a spy in life because they do not get caught up and wrapped up in the outer events of things and therefore are able to have a effect upon things and able to make a difference when others caught up in the density of things cannot, yet you may have had just this little small area of yourself that got exposed but, by and large, in the schematic of things it seems like that’s understandable. I mean, it seems like something that is following its natural course, with maybe just a little bitty hiccup spot. And even if you’re held back, you’re okay with it.

You learn and know how, in terms of holding a space, that you’re able to maintain that space. In other words, when you have a part of yourself is able to then deflect off features, forces, and mannerisms that are incongruent and undermine or take away from that space. In other words, you’re able to hold the space.

And, at the same time, yes, you may have some little part of yourself that needs to catch up with something, but there are other parts that perfectly belong in that space, that far outnumber some little singular thing that is still a little immature or something, in terms of how its power and weaponization is to be, but the other parts are completely fine, and proceed, and are able to get along quite well.

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