Getting Ahead of Oneself

s-cliffWe ask friends, family, and all sorts of professionals for advice throughout our lives. Yet where could we get better insight into our psychologies and our struggles than in our dreams – and the higher aspect of ourselves that is always trying to speak to us through them? The beauty of understanding our dreams is that no aspect of our lives is unknown to the surveillance of our higher self. It has the complete picture. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Well, in my dream, it’s like I, too, am proceeding to some destination, because that’s what your dream is doing, you’re trying to get to some destination, and there are others and they’re nowhere an issue, but there’s just myself and one other person who are kind of neck and neck all the time.

And it’s kind of like an obstacle course in that it felt like at some point that one went through some sort of food service challenge area. I don’t remember any details about that. And then we went to an area where we had to each pick up a vacuum cleaner. And he’s ahead of me, just barely, at that point, and this is an area where others come to pick up vacuum cleaners. They’re not necessarily part of the race; it’s part of a process.

I pick up a smaller one that’s easy to handle and kind of a little mini-might vacuum cleaner, and then there’s the spot where you’re supposed to go off to one side and have it inspected to make sure everything’s in proper working order before you then proceed to go through a checkout and so on. And he steps into that area and I, rather than do that because I don’t see anybody there that’s going to give me my checkout, I move ahead.

And what you get in this checkout area is the key that makes the vacuum cleaner work, so I’m moving ahead with my vacuum cleaner on the way to the destination. And so when he gets back out of that area, he’s behind me. Then we have to go through a gate, and in that gate I go through, because it’s assumed that I’d gone through that little checkout area that would make everything workable so I’m able to go through.

He pauses at the gate and he says he’s going to make sure that, because what I’m doing isn’t right, he’s going to make sure that when I get rebuffed and return that I’m going to get held up, because he’s going to stand there at that gate, too, to make sure that things are done right – and I don’t have a key to the vacuum cleaner.

So from there I have to go down this corridor and into an area where there’s a counter that opens up into a store, and each person who has come down this corridor it’s just naturally assumed that they’ve gone through the checkout and they’ve got their key, so I get waved right on by. Well, I can’t believe it. This guy should have been right. I should have been caught there. I should have been rebuffed back and taken my medicine, but I pass through.

I can’t believe it, so now I’m in the main store. I’m a little breathless. The turn of events has put me way, way ahead now the way things are looking, and because I can’t quite accept my good fate I kind of wander around the side of the store, ambling towards the entrance because I had come in the back way, the checkout thing there that I came in with was kind of the back way. I’m ambling towards the entrance and, just as I’m getting close to the entrance, this clerk sees me and guesses what I’m trying to do and says, “Oh, well here’s the entrance right here.”

Well, that’s too obvious and I say, “No, no, no I’m not ready to leave yet, I’m still shopping.” If he wouldn’t have been there I’d have gone out, not that he suspected a thing – everything as far as everyone knows is copacetic.

So I wander across to the right hand side where there’s a bathroom and my plan is, what am I going to do with this vacuum cleaner that doesn’t have any key? I’m going to go into the bathroom and I’m going to ditch it in one of the stalls, and then I’m going to leave and I’ll be ahead of the game. I don’t need the vacuum cleaner. It’s slowing me down. I can’t use it anyway; it doesn’t have a key.

And I go to the door and it’s locked. There’s somebody inside and directly behind me comes two guys that are ministers or something, and they notice me jar the door and it’s locked, and the one minister says to the other, “Well, it’s probably one of our parishioners that’s holding things up.” And so I can’t get rid of the vacuum cleaner, so now I’m proceeding, going to have to take the vacuum cleaner with me, and decide enough is enough, I’ll leave now. That’s how that one ended.

I mean, it’s the same kind of thing if you think about it, it was like you had something that happened there that was incongruent with how things normally unfold, and yet at the same time is part of a whole process that has to do with you catching up with an invisible quality in your nature, although this particular part still ratted you out, so to speak.

And in my particular case I’m not allowed to get rid of the vacuum cleaner. It’s part of the service and orientation of things in life, and yet at the same time, just because I didn’t pick up the key I seem to be able to proceed along. Maybe something will be figured out. I’m propelled beyond where I should be propelled.

And it’s part of the spiritual path, apparently, because the ministers were behind where I was going to go into this bathroom which is a catalytic area where you kind of do your own thing or something. I’m going to ditch the vacuum cleaner there. That was an interesting episode hint right there. I wake up before I’ve actually left this store. There’s nothing more that I need in this store and, of course, the dream doesn’t explain why I have to go to wherever I’m going with my vacuum cleaner. I mean you can go better if you don’t have to lug a vacuum cleaner along, but I have to maintain the vacuum cleaner.

You might say the dream is pretty reflective of the scenario of things. I mean it’s kind of good to go through the meaning and the scenario. As part of a process I need to remove the imbalances in my being to proceed. This is the vacuum cleaner image. I push out without a key and I’m able to get into a restricted area without a proper pass. Because I know that I am not really ready, I decide to ditch the thing that could slow me down in my opinion. I’m not allowed to do that. I’m compelled to go forward, even though I should have been blocked in terms of even coming into this area.

The vacuum cleaner has to stay with me because it is deemed to be an essential component to the unfoldment of consciousness even though, you know, the key’s still missing but it’s still an essential component. This dream is explaining the problem: I’m getting ahead of myself. In doing so, I am inclined to ditch the vacuum cleaner, which is not allowed. The vacuum cleaner is deemed to be an essential component to my well being and that of the environment I am in, so it is not expendable.

Which is to say I am being reprimanded for not taking into account an important component on the path. I need to let go of the outer reactive event and catch up with the revelation.

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