In Conflict

ZenSandLet’s ponder this for a moment: It certainly appears that we are in conflict with other people, other places, other countries, other beliefs, other ethnicities, and on and on. But all that conflict is only a symptom of a larger conflict: we are in conflict with our own human purpose. And that conflict cuts us off from the natural energetic support of the universe, and cuts us off from the flow of the universe. That’s why it can be said that there are no solutions to human problems that aren’t spiritual solutions. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And in the next dream, after the meditation, was I’m sleeping. I’ve come to know what it means when the teacher indicates that a person who is sterile can only go so far on the journey.

First of all, I had a dream about a week ago, or three or four days ago, I didn’t know how to write it or pull it out. And I now go back and I repeat it in another way. Now that I know how one’s kundalini energy needs to be applied, so that you don’t get exhausted and drained and waste away.

But, in the earlier dream a week ago, I saw that I used the kundalini energy to affect matter in terms of how it plays itself out in manifestation. I was able to go inside and relate so closely to creation that I was able to cause a shift change to occur. You can almost say that that’s kind of magical. But the only reason it happens is you don’t oppose anything. And so when you don’t oppose anything, it all naturally does what needs to be done. It’s only when there is something in opposition that you create a contrast and then you have the shadow dynamics and everything else that exists – and then nothing can happen.

This dream adds specifically to how it is that the energy is channeled. From the meditation dream, I learned that my work is to contend with the breakdown, so there is an exalted effect. This is not a sensation that is of a personal and physical nature only. If I apply the energy in areas that oppose or fight the unfoldment, I get drained and I am left with a heavy heart. And from the draining and heavy heart, I should just know, because there is no exaltation, that that effect is portraying the misguidance in my nature—a misguidance of the nature.

I also am not able to work in an atmosphere in which the conditions have an overwhelming sense of despair. And I see that as a smoke-filled room in which everyone there is perpetuating themselves with this deviation. In other words, they won’t change.

What is so surprising is that the kundalini energy doesn’t shift that which wants to deviate in a particular way, but works with the transition to reveal and exalt creatively. What I am talking about is that the kundalini energy channeled into the connection we naturally have with everything around us, infuses, awakens, and exalts what is able to now unfold from an inner into outer connection.

To know where the focus is to be channeled, a person must stop placing their energy upon that which is meant to be, in other words, as if you can affect, or change, or have an opinion about that. Because what is meant to be means it’s destined to unfold. And just because we have our concepts of what’s right and what’s wrong, and what’s good and what’s bad, and what’s dark energy and what’s energy of light, because if we do that, we will dissipate our being, and we will tear away at the natural intertwining.

The reason there is kundalini energy is that everything is revealed therein, and the connectivity that unfolds is close to the heart because the human being is part of the natural plan. The exaltation that is possible is on a level akin to a kind of sexuality. But it is really—because it’s on a spiritual level—the intertwining is stated, you know, to put a word to it, as a quality of exaltation.

In the dream, I saw myself work with everything that was happening. Much of this could be judged on a particular level in a negative energetic. And as a negative energetic in the environment, I am shown that when you don’t need to do that, when you’re able to be empty and let go of that so that everything is included in the unfoldment, that which is intended in ways we do not understand become possible.

If we struggle on a mind/sense sensation level, we remain in conflict with our heart and the world around us retains its secrets. This is how you get through the secret. You’re intertwined. You’re everything.

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