On the Side of Everything

galacticThis is an interesting way to look at it: Who’s side are we on? If we are on “our” side, then that splits us off from everything else – by definition. If we are on the side of this or that happening, we have closed ourselves to any other possibility. Perhaps, instead, what we should be is on the side of the universe and how it is unfolding, and seek to be in support of what that evolution and unfoldment is. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I’m kind of awake and this is like a vision. And in this vision that I’m seeing, it’s like there’s this house, and in this house I can be down one corridor – this is the normal expectation. In the center of the house is a main entryway. And I’m deemed to have like a room or something that’s down the hallway, and that I plug in from that room.

However, I’m not limited to just having to exist on that level alone. And so others tend to see me as just on that level, but I can actually see them by going completely on the opposite side and looking around the corner and watching them do whatever they do, and even try to factor me into the equations of things, in accordance with how it is that they see me as a person who lives down that other particular corridor.

And so, the main doorways that are seen in the center of this house have a definition to them. They have an established norm to them. And everything follows according to that established norm. But I’m not something that’s defined according to that established norm. I could go 180-degrees onto the opposite side and still observe all of this that’s happening and be right in keeping with everything that is taking place because I add that component or aspect to the overall picture of things.

Now, the host or the person that’s in charge of the house is inclined to see everything in a very specific, defined way. And so, if I’ve got my room down the hallway in a particular way, that means I have a particular definition in relationship to the position of how things are.

But what nobody seems to know and only I seem to know, is that I can move about. That I can be like something that’s etheric, that I can be completely on the opposite side, too, taking it all in and almost have a sense of humor that whatever unfolds, is just fine. Whatever definition is placed is okay, I can work with that. It’s not going to affect me. I can be on the opposite side of things, too.

And in that regard, there is a certain exhilaration that exists. There’s a real fascination, there’s a wonderful intrigue. It’s amazing to observe what is taking place. And, of course, I can be included in that to the degree to which the host of this place wants to go get me down the hall. But what they don’t know is I’m already part of it all. I’m able to observe it all and, yes, I can be included in the ways and the dynamics that they want to have as a definitional modality, but deep down, the unseen and hidden and unaware thing that exists, is that I have a sense of so much more.

In other words, there can be that definition, but I’m not bound by that definition. You know, I’m not part of a particular kind of projection of things. I’ve already seen that and seen more, by being rounded to be able to go 180-degrees on the other side.

And so the whole thing, what it leaves me with is in seeing this, like having done what I’ve done and being unawares to all of that, it leaves me totally impressed or exalted, or whatever the word would be. Outside of the strict dictums that have a formality to them, and yet at the same time, wonderfully appreciative of the formality that something has, or the mannerism that something has, but I’m not limited by it. I’m not affected by it. I’m not controlled by it. I am able to be all of that and then some.

And so, there’s nothing that is a contrast, or is in opposition, or is an adjustment that has to be made. I‘ve made all of the adjustments, and then some, naturally, knowingly, casually, easily. I fit into something as it unfolds.

In other words, the definition in the main house that was holding some big reception that people come in and whatnot, you know, you could probably put a definition on that. You could put an image on that. You could say that it was this and you could say that it was that. And however it is that you would say that it was this or was that would be in contrast to something else that it isn’t this and isn’t that.

And that me down the hall would be something that was part of that in some capacity, and therefore defined by that, and therefore limited by that at the same time. And also then maybe subject to something that isn’t unfolding in that particular way, and that therefore then would make a contrast of something that would be hidden from me, or a force or reaction or mannerism in life that would have a different energetic impact.

But I don’t have any of that because I can humorously look at this from the other side of the equation, from the other side of the hall. In other words, go completely 180-degrees, and look at this whole thing as if I’d let go of it all and can be over there, too. And so one is able to naturally enhance however it is that something is designed to unfold – once it’s in this enhancement mode.

If I didn’t sit in this enhancement mode and if, instead, I was in a space, in which I supported the way something was conventionally unfolding and deemed to be wonderful in and of itself, like a type of party and whatnot, then I would be defined in accordance with that. And to the degree that that left a wonderful sensation of things, I would be just drinking up that wonderful sensation of things. But there wouldn’t be the elation or exaltation that goes beyond something being streamlined in a particular way, that exudes out, and is at home and in place and is unopposed to all that there is. And is, instead, on the side of everything that wants to happen.

And it just moves around with what happens, as it happens. Things get tweaked this way or that way or whatever. It doesn’t oppose a thing. It helps. It assists at whatever and wherever and however something is.

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