On the Fast Track

Jan Zaremba

We have spoken about the concept that we are all the characters in our dreams. This dream is a good example of how part of the dreamer is in a trance-like state (unawakened), shown by watching the TV. And another aspect of the dreamer is expertly riding a racehorse, i.e., is more conscious and energetically connected. And we can see the back and forth that goes on between these two states, between resistance and letting go.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in the dream that I remember, it’s like I’ve gone back to visit family I was close to when I was younger. And in this household I was riding a racehorse, and I rode it really well. And the younger brother of the household is training someone to ride a racehorse now and I’ve kind of gone to see all that.

When I arrived there, it feels like the younger brother and I have a certain kind of attraction between us. But there was an older brother, it feels like he’s dead now, that I knew when I visited before. So anyway, I’m there and I’m visiting with family. I’ve gone to bed.

When I wake up in the morning and I’m just going to maybe just go have coffee with the family or something, someone comes and gets me with a certain bit of urgency and tells me that if I want to get dressed, that my clothes are in a certain room.

Well, then they take me on this very labyrinth-type, hurried, process to get my clothes to where I can get dressed. Like I go through one little room and it goes up some stairs to another little hidden, through what may be a hidden closet, through another room. Through another room, keep going up a floor the whole time. Until I finally am kind of on the top floor and come out into a room where some people that I know are sitting, watching TV. And it feels like you can even access the roof from that area. And I can’t understand why they’re going through all this elaborate thing and why they put my clothes there.

Well, the sub-story behind this is that apparently the police or someone think the brother or the horse, or something, that was there when I was younger, that I had killed them. And they found out I’m in the building, so they’re going to come and search for me. So the people are trying to hide me, but they don’t want me to know this. 

But when I get up to the upper room, the people that are sitting there watching something on TV, and so what comes on the TV is the news and it shows all of these cars driving up to the building we’re in. And I say, “Oh look, that’s our building.” You know, all these cars driving up to it. You know, like “Let’s watch,” and see what they’re there for. And then I think I’m even going to go look over the edge of the building to look down. And I even feel like there is a bloody handprint somewhere, showing where I went.

But it’s all confusing to me when I finally find out, because I know I didn’t do whatever it is I’m being hunted for. Anyway, that’s the main story.

John: Quite a dream. The fact that you’re going to a place in which there’s this racehorse, the racehorse and this whole element is something in which there’s the younger brother that you are able to relate to, that you have a closeness with, and that there’s something older that has passed away, all of this is portrayed to be in a surreal condition, as if it is not really happening, like it’s a script or something.

Because it’s an energetic fast track inside of yourself that relates to a depth of your being that is moving towards a state and condition of completeness. And that it is doing so in a way that is dictated and affected from the inner and not from the outer.

And so what transpires in the outer is quite secondary in terms of the images and such. You know, it’s as if the guiding forces inside of you know that what is meant to be for you is established in a way, so that it is unfolding even though you do not cognitively – in the outer – know what it is, yet it is affecting the outer, even though that outer, in ways that are yet hidden from you, it’s still having its effect upon the outer.

So, it’s as if the subtle forces understand and they know this, and are guiding and directing you in subtle capacities. But there are slight hints that you can kind of catch up and recognize that this is so in the outer. Like for example, as you pass through and things are sitting in their trance mode looking at a TV screen, just as if what’s going on on the news is something extraneous. You could tend to see that what is portrayed there is prophetic, so to speak, or about the future. Or, in other words, is portraying the energy that is in process of unfolding as it comes through you.

You find it rather amnesic, however, because you have yet to make the one-to-one correspondence between the inner and the outer. The outer is still something that you go through in kind of a malaise, and the inner, however, is something that has an acuity that functions on a level that is outside of your ability to cognitively recognize and notice it, in terms of something from within and its correlation as a reflection to that which is without.

And when you connect to that which is within, it puts you on a kind of a fast track. So that the outer affairs of something that could be holding you back, or where you could get slugged out, or lost, or deviated in some fashion, gets obliterated. You can’t hang back.

But what is baffling about the dream is the dream is also suggesting that in terms of this inner fast track that you’re on, that it has obliterated something, in some fashion, in the past. So the question is, did it obliterate that something because you flipped out? In other words, did you lose it? Was it too much for you at some particular point in time? And yet, of course, even if that was so and you lost it and did something at some particular point in time on an energetic level in the history of the chemistry of the energetic of your being, whereby a disaster was created, it doesn’t follow under the mannerisms of judgment and crime, or any of that sort of thing, because on the energetic level, what unfolds, isn’t something that is like that. In other words, energy is just energy. It’s not something that is good or bad or pro and con, or whatever.

And so, if something happened in terms of what was opening up on the inner that caused something to be overly obliterated, or jarred, or shattered in the outer, at some point in time, it leaves a tear in the energy perhaps, but it doesn’t destroy the energy. And it really doesn’t change what needs to be. It may have affected something as some other sequence of unfoldment, you know, like for example, you can say that people can go along in a human body and have a certain potentiality, and then something can happen and that potentiality doesn’t get lived out and they have to come back and contend and work upon that again in the next lifetime or something. But it doesn’t mean that energy goes away. That energy has a quality that is going somewhere, that is about something in terms of going home. And it is constantly doing that and it has a particular duty or mannerism upon which it is unfolding.

That doesn’t change. That process sits latent behind it and continues to continue. And where there can be danger or trouble or problems in the limited aspect of manifestation, in that one comes into manifestation with having to work with the tools of something that are finite. Yet through the finite, as have an access to that which is infinite with inside of one’s self; but that finite, because it’s finite, can have problems or be destroyed or not make it. The finite component might not live up to the potentiality of the inner, so that a new design or a new body or a new container has to be established, but none of that changes the energy, per se.

You kind of know that in the dream. You can see all of this surreal stuff of like, maybe, the cops are coming to this place and all how that is. And even though that’s a trance-like condition for you in the dream, it’s only a trance-like condition because you have no memory or cognition of the physical, dense, finite limitations of the past. You have an energetic memory only of something that is unfolding. And within the synapses of that energy, there has been certain, you know, traumas and jars and stuff like that that have occurred, that have to be sorted out and realigned.

But the energy continues to unfold, continues to work itself out, and continues to get clearer and sharper, and more humble, and what all of the traits that are necessary for it to be what is essential in terms of its emptiness as a vibration, that isn’t encumbered by the nuances and separation and mannerisms that it has inadvertently taken on as a type of disguise to itself.

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