Losing One’s Grip

energThe idea of being connected, or of losing connection, is common in spiritual practices, but is it really understood? We are always connected to something energetically – attracted by what we are thinking, feeling, or doing – and that connection either supports our journey or is a detriment to it. So having a conscious awareness of what we are trying to connect with – and, as importantly, what we don’t want to connect with – is the true work of the seeker. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The next dream, again, it feels vague in the sense it’s daylight and I’m in a building that goes up now, that has a lot of different levels and even some elevators. And it feels like I’m trying to move about and get to some places in the building, and I almost sometimes have a sense that certain people are—I don’t know if it’s so active as chasing me, but trying to find me or something, but I’m trying to stay ahead.

Then there are certain things that get in the way, like there’s one time I’m with a man that almost looks like a younger version of my dad, and he has very black hair, but he’s let someone cut it. And I feel like he’s cut it a little too short in such a way that when he tries to get a grip and climb up somewhere, then he can’t do that. It’s affected whether you could get a grip in a way. And I’m just noting that. I’m noting that maybe he let a woman cut it a little too much or something.

And then I noticed that sometimes when I do get up into an elevator and I get a ride, it allows me to keep ahead of some people that are looking for me. But I have the sense I have to keep moving and sometimes the moving is kind of diagonal as well as up—or not diagonal, but I’d shift from the right to the left, as well as try to go up and try to get on.

It seemed like I was trying to get somewhere, but I’m having to stay a step ahead of some people spotting me or noticing me. So all of it had that energy. It wasn’t very specific really, and it had a lot of people in this dream.

John: The dream is indicating that there’s something that you’re doing to yourself in a overt way. In other words, taking it to an excess in an accommodative, overt way, whether it’s accommodative, or whether it’s just too much on an extreme, or is too much in a pattern or mannerism. And that this is getting in the way of a natural flow that you’re able and meant to be able to sustain or maintain.

In other words, the issue with the hair. Hair symbolically represents a type of glory in the feminine, and kind of a wisdom and clarity in the masculine, in terms of old symbolism. And it is through the element of something like the hair that you’re able to get a grip on things, that you’re able to be okay with where you are in the environment.

But somehow in this dream, you have lost that connection. And you seem to know that it has something to do with the way you have cut your hair, or done something to yourself in terms of pruning or working with the clarity.

And as a consequence, you then find yourself in an overall, but kind of overwhelmed by it. It adds information when put together with the first dream, in which what happened there was where you could have because everything was in a type of amnesia – it was at night and everybody was asleep – you could have held a space that permeated the area, but instead you had an intention to where everybody was at, in that space, and accommodated yourself to that to the point where you lost what it was that you stood for or represented.

So, the key is to put the two dreams together. Okay, how does letting go of holding the note that can permeate out in the atmosphere, how does that work and what does that have in common with the idea that what you’re doing is pruning yourself or cutting yourself back in some fashion? In other words, chopping off something that is diminishing. You know that that something has an importance and yet you’re pulling back from that or holding back from it. These two things work hand-in-hand, even though they can look like they are distinct, because one’s one dream and one’s the other, but they’re the same night and so they work hand-in-hand to give you information in terms of a way that you are that is losing an attunement that is necessary.

In other words, there’s the self-consciousness, there’s the quality in the night where you’re paying too much attention to how something is, as opposed to how you can be. And then there is the letting go or the cutting back of the clarity that you have, that you can come from. That when you cut that back, it keeps you from being able to climb or to rise to a particular point.

So, I would say that it seems to be suggesting that you are being compelled, in order to maintain yourself in terms of who you are, you’re being compelled to be more outspoken to what you know and see, or otherwise you lose the clarity of that which you have and are not being outspoken and forthright in terms of what it is that you know. You are instead then subordinating yourself to the environmental conditions around you.

And when you sit in that malaise, you sit kind of in a no-man’s zone, where you can’t get your grips on anything. Somehow or another there’s an element of confusion because you’re purposely holding back. And when you’re purposely holding back, you’re not quite holding on to the note that is there for you to hold onto, that you would normally honor and maintain and sustain. You’re not maintaining it. You’re not sustaining it.

Instead then, that means that you’re buying into the environmental conditions around you. And so it’s kind of like pushing you to be a little bit more succinct in terms of what you can point out, or know, or maintain, or sustain, as a quality of your being. See how that came together?

So, it’s like you have something that you know, that you know very clearly, that you’re keeping to yourself. As a consequence, it is holding you back because you’re keeping it to yourself. And by keeping it to yourself and allowing something else to be in the environment as it is, you’re subordinating yourself to that as an energetic – instead of the clarity and the attunement that you naturally have.

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