The Residue of Life

the path to spiritualityAny spiritual journey begins when we take it up, and should only end with our last breath. It’s not a hobby. It’s not something we dabble in because when we really understand the nature of our lives as humans we realize that we will never complete the journey in this lifetime, but we might be able to show the seriousness of our intent. That is the only direction for a seeker to travel: aligned more and more to the path. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: That’s an interesting theme that we seem to be on. And so, it starts off with me in having to carry a rising-up energy that affects my being. There’s something awakening, that’s rising up, that’s inside of myself. That’s, in other words, coming to the fore.

And I call it a rising-up energy because it takes a lot to endure but, in enduring it, the residue of life—in other words, the residue of life is seen as the agents that one uses to try to resolve or to clean something, like soap and detergents, that, if you don’t use them and wash them off and let go of them succinctly, they can leave a residue. So, it’s part of the process of getting clean, but a process that has to be done in a way so that you don’t leave a residue. In other words, it has to wash off completely.

And what we’re talking about is, any residue is an impression. And although the impressions aren’t as great, there are residues left. The dream is also indicating the energy that rises up and flows through me is taking me to a point where I am able to notice other things I am now aware that I have to contend with.

Well, I can’t contend with it. I will have problems in terms of contending with this other part that is now opening up if I still carry residue mannerisms. Where I had been working on myself, so to speak, or changes that have been happening within myself, but I haven’t quite gotten rid of all of the soap or the residue of all of that. It still is flickering around. So that is going to blur or clutter, or contaminate my ability to open up in this new area, because I still have that other that I am holding onto.

So, it seems that I reach a point where I see myself making headway, even though the journey still seems endless. I’m making headway. I could kind of see where I had progressed along, but what I’m seeing isn’t clearcut. In other words, there’re certain aspects that still carry the residue. It still can flicker in. It can still get me. So, it seems to have an access to what it takes to keep on keeping on, along with the sense that it is getting easier, even though there is no indication I’m anywhere close to penetrating it all.

It seems that I have that sense of something, in other words, of a progression. But it’s this residue of things that keeps coming up, that keeps the confusion of this from being clearcut. And if I try to assess what it is that I have been going through and learning to endure, I end up finding that I have to admit to myself that I have not gone through enough of the process to be able to see where it is that I am going.

In other words, the residue of things, you know, still keeps a personal clutter and contamination, so that you aren’t able to be as blank and as empty as is necessary to be able to be shifted and move about in the overall, and in the wholeness, with a kind of clarity and focus and flow that is required. So, this is the template of the meditation dream.

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