In a Daydream

daydreamingHow much of our time do we spend imagining how things could be, or should be, or even will be, someday? There is so much written about living in the moment, but what that really speaks of is the ability to be energetically responsible for what is actually happening in and around us in any given moment. Anything else is, in a sense, an abdication of our role in the unfolding of the universe. Of course it’s not easy to do, but we can teach our systems to take our greater awareness up, as a habit, which is how we become more conscious. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the meditation dream, I can see the symbolic images or indications. I can see them like in a future. By a future, I mean in a space that’s further away from the present, in which there is a further collapse in the future of outer conditions. I can also see how that can be accommodated, too.

So what I know is things aren’t going to get better or be simplified. Things are going to continue to have to get tugged in two different extremes.

One’s inclined to want to think that, as life progresses, that a change happens and that somehow or another, one comes back to a Garden of Eden kind of status quo or something. But that’s not what I’m seeing. I’m seeing the polarities and extremes still existing there, and that one counterbalances the other. In other words, I see the symbols of balance with that, so I know that one muddles through, so to speak, or is okay in the collapse. But I also see that that is something of an intermediate or a longer term consequence.

There are other symbols that I don’t pay any attention to. They’re actually more immediate. They’re actually closer to me. They’re actually right in front of me, that have to do with the near-term consequences, but I don’t pull those out. For some strange reason, it’s easier to avoid the present and to contend with and try to ponder where things are going. So as a consequence, I don’t properly distinguish short-term versus the long-term effect within this imagery.

And I suppose you could say that that’s my nature. You know, I can take and play chess and do combinations and solve complicated scenarios, but then, you know, like in the dream group, I can be totally unrelatable because I don’t get grounded enough. And you hold that kind of groundedness. And I accentuate this other opposite that can take in and function in this kind of way that’s a little bit as a seer, but so what? I mean, what about the here and now?

So, in terms of describing this dynamic, I’m drawn more to understanding the symbolic flow images. In other words, of something that’s distant or a ways out there. I say that because, as I write them up, this is what is holding my dream attention and not the other that is more present. That, you know, they fall away because I’m not giving those the balance and the credence that they deserve in the dream – even though they’re right there. The fact that I could see and remember and notice the other and take it down is kind of odd, because what’s transpiring and shaking and rocking and rolling in the present, I almost, like, am bored by or something.

How else do you explain the fact that it’s easier for me to look at the seer quality of things than to deal with something right in the present. In other words, it’s showing that I’m not very attentive to what is pressing me in the here and now, and instead keep looking, as a type of avoidance, looking out in the future, in the distance, or as I would call it, the intermediate term of things yet to be.

So, it’s like an irresponsibility trait that I carry that keeps me from being here, in the here and now, as I need to be. This intermediate term imagery, which is predominating over my attention so that I don’t catch up with the here and now, is, well, it’s presenting work that’s yet to come to be grounded and everything. And so, it’s not yet here. And it’s kind of obvious that what’s currently needed, I’m not grounding. I’m seeing it as I’m alibiing out of it as I look to the future instead.

And so, I can’t help but notice that to the degree that I’m like that, I have this habit of winging it in the current present. In other words, not necessarily being as succinct and to the point and as grounded or fully present. And therefore, in that regard, I’m compromising or am compromised from a certain kind of heartfulness in the present. And am inclined to subject the present to shock that is unnecessary and would be avoided, but it gets in the way, the shock gets in the way, of who I am in the present.

And so something gets lost as a humble and gracious energetic way of being in the here and now. And when I take and I confront this, it’s something that one should be embarrassed by, because it is kind of a shocking mannerism, that causes some unnecessary complications in the present, a present that I’m skimming along in, that instead of being fully conscious in the here and now, because the predilections or seeing outwardly, and the overindulgent in a type of knowingness, is getting in the way.

How you bring something up from a rootedness, and you bring it up to a knowing center, but then you can’t let the knowing center get too far or carried away, you have to bring that back down in and through the heart and develop the proper power. A true power, or otherwise the power is a kind of power that’s manic or strange.

And that’s also what the way this is working or flowing or unfolding in me, is also the way this is in society, in general. No one wants to get real. Everyone wants to believe in the daydream. It is easier to pass things off to the future and muddle along amnesically in the present.

Such an attitude leads to failing to take responsibility for the mess we’re in. Which is scary, because it suggests that the severity of what is coming now is being ignored because it’s in the here and now. Because everyone wants to take the past, reflect upon it, and use it in some fashion to look to the future, and still hold onto their personal biases. In other words, never deal with the here and now, never deal with the moment. And, as a consequence, you end up with misuses. You have a misalignment.

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