In the Hunt

goats-sheer-mountainWhat does it take to accomplish anything of real value? Usually it requires focus, determination, an ability to not be distracted or detoured by things that ultimately don’t matter, and a clear idea of what is trying to be accomplished and why. How often do we view our spiritual journey with the same depth and intensity? And if we don’t have the same depth and intensity for our spirituality, then what are we implying is more important to our lives?  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: There was a prior dream in which I can see, in the overall, the way something is designed to unfold. In other words, I can look out over the expanse of something and I can see the whole sequence of everything that there is in terms of energetic variables. And through all of that, I can see the energetic variable that one could put their attention upon and can see as a potentiality in terms of the way I can look at that. In other words, I don’t have to see the other stuff that blurs this, I can see just that.

This other stuff, you have to have a clearcut focus, you know, an unwavering clearcut focus, or otherwise your vision’s going to be clouded by the other stuff that’s in the energetic of the overall. And I can feel within what is possible. In other words, not only do I feel it from within, but it goes the next step in that I can see the potentiality in the outer because I have a visual of it, too, with all of the other hiccups that are there, too. Really, really easy to not see what can be, because the hiccups are there and you can see them, too.

So, the question is, because I can also see other things in the same environment that threaten to compromise the potentiality, am I able to set that aside?

What this did, in terms of my dreaming, is it pointed out that it has me seeing something that is occurring in terms of the overall. But then it has this other gibberish mixed in, and that is creating confusion and collateral damage in terms of me being able to evolve and to bring forward and to recognize the potentiality, because this other functions as a blur to the unfoldment process.

In the other dream, the dream I told at first, I lose a goat. The symbolism of a goat is incredible. A goat is something in terms of American Indian symbolism, it’s something that has a sure-footedness, a sense of focus that moves with a crystal-clear nature, that climbs obstacles, being mountains. And when observed by a hunter from the distance, looks like it’s easy to catch up with, but you can never catch up with it because the goat’s step is so sure. And so you think that it’s slow energy, but it’s actually going faster.

In astrology, the sign Capricorn, in which the animal that’s the head of the house of Capricorn is the goat. Capricorn is said to have the least energy of all of the signs in the zodiac, and yet it’s the most successful sign. It’s the sign that willingly sets aside and loses all the little disputes and battles, because it hasn’t got this overabundant energy to marshal out there. And, you know, like Howard Hughes was a Capricorn, and Richard Nixon was a Capricorn.

In other words, one of the problems with the Capricorn is they have the power meridian going through them to help compensate for the fact that they’re so energetically deprived. And the power meridian gives them this craze for power, this lust in a capacity that takes and makes them almost vicious. And so a Capricorn is said that when they get irritated or upset and whatnot, they never forget. They also have this memory that’s incredible. And they sting. They’re known to sting. Scorpio is like that, too, but the Capricorn destroys when it stings because it acts so succinctly.

And the opposite sign in the zodiac to a Capricorn is the Aries. And the Aries has the most energy of all of the signs in the zodiac, but uses it the poorest. It’s a sign that’s associated often with artists. And they tend to have this wayward quality nature in their being or something where they’re just not quite, you know, practical. And so they have a hard, hard time getting by in life. But they have an abundant amount of energy for creative purposes and stuff like that, they just don’t know how to channel it very well in terms of the practical overall.

So, those are the two comparisons. And you have the goat as the sign for the Capricorn. Isn’t it interesting how all of that is?

And it’s interesting in the dream that I’m out front. I’m on a process. I’m following a thread. I’m working things through. I’m in the hunt. I don’t actually have to get my hands dirty, you know. Someone else is carrying the gun. And yeah, there’s some friction that has to do with things that are completely unimportant and in the past that’s just gibberish and garbage, that is so, so strange that there’s no memory of even what it’s about. Even as I take and hear this, I’m struggling to get back to make any sense out of what this guy is contending with, which keeps him from being able to enjoy the fact that we’re, you know, in a process and in a hunt. And if he hadn’t been like that would have seen the goats, could have shot a goat, or got a goat, caught up with the goats, and the goat energy straightaway.

As it was, it’s created a drag on things. I’ve had to go back, you know, to try to extricate that so what one is trying to do can be accomplished. In extricating it, in getting free, the time went by when the goats came and gone, or heard the commotion and left, or whatever. So an opportunity has been lost.

In other words, what I see in the dream is they didn’t get to the top, where the sure-footedness and the clarity existed, and so that something could be succinctly understood and figured out that would be in the best interest of everybody. And so it’s just not going to happen.

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