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SpiritThe image of crossing railway tracks in a dream gives us a good insight into what it means to travel in our dreams. Here there is a risk, and certain timings are required for a safe crossing, but on the other side are ancient and fundamental places reached. When we find ourselves in such situations it is always useful to look at the difficulties involved, or the ease of passage, and at what is attained by the crossing. Is it a good thing, or does it create more trouble? As we cross inner barriers in our development, there are new realities to be adjusted to. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I know in one dream, it was like I was focused on pulling something down and through. But it was almost like a thread that went up to a box and you pulled it down and then something became a little clearer.

And it felt like I was doing this within the auspices of an agency, like there was some agency, and I was trying to get something to come in clear and then it took on this form. So I was trying to pull it down with one of two things, one of which may have been sound. I don’t know what the other one was, but it had a box-like shape. It was like if I worked with it long enough, it became a little bit clearer, but it was still difficult and I never could get it really sharp. And that was like one dream.

John: That’s kind of describing a quality by which the feminine actually takes in the energetic or the vibration from the masculine of the spirit energy, only you’re calling it a kind of an agency. Where it comes in and the way that it touches or affects or comes across in terms of how it awakens or stirs up and causes something to come to life inside of oneself, well, that’s kind of like what that dynamic and that process is like, you know, in terms of that part of yourself. In other words, from a rooted, grounded nature, able to take in the transcendent energy that is there to awaken that which lies dormant. That’s kind of what that is like.

Jeane: And in the second dream, there’s two things going on, one I seem to be traveling somewhere and it’s like maybe I’ve even been there before, but it’s difficult to get there. Because at one point, I have to cross a track, you know, almost like in a subway, I have to look at my timing to join the people on the other side because you can’t cross if there’s going to be a train coming. And then it feels like I have to go up a walkway that’s really narrow and has something built up along the side of it. It’s steep. And so wherever I’m going, it just seems it’s kind of tricky to travel there.

And then when I get there, it feels like I’m working for an agency. And I must be working with some native Americans as part of this. In order to kind of help get someone some services, it’s like they carry around those little containers that have something that would represent their DNA in it. That’s how you would prove that you’re Native American so that proves that you can get the service.

Sometimes I’ll pick up one of these little containers and shake it and look at it because I’m looking at a girl that has come in that had a little container that looks different than the other Native American containers, because maybe she’s a different tribe. I kind of shake up this little… it’s almost like a little plastic container with different things in it and I’m trying to look at what’s different about it, like whatever I identify as her as being part of a different tribe but still eligible for service as compared to what I usually see there. And so, that’s the most I can pull out of that dream.

John: Well, you’re taking and trying to bring in a larger overall, dynamic picture that is like in the bloodlines or in the psyche of your being in terms of a deeper depth. At the beginning, you have to step outside of a type of definition. And that’s like you go across a barrier, you know, when you go across the railroad tracks, or whatever.

So it’s almost like, on one side of the railroad tracks you have maybe your ordinary way of perceiving things, that can be kind of be dictated and controlled by the conceptualizations that exist in the environment. And on the other side, you actually are realizing another aspect or dynamic in terms of a vibration, which takes into account something that goes way, way, way back, which in this case, like for example, the dictates and mannerisms of western culture in the United States has a certain karmic quality of the American Indian that people have forgotten or lost, yet it still affects the psyche of things. And you have essentially gone across. By stepping across that, you’re able to take that into account.

What the dream is doing is it’s showing you taking into account something that you haven’t taken into account before, or weren’t taking into account before, or limiting yourself to certain vibrational, understood mannerisms and nuances. And now you’re taking into account that other quality that is also hidden, or dormant, or at least not readily visible in terms of the outer. Because on this side, you are looking at the bloodlines of something that’s ancient. And you’re shaking it up and doing things or whatever to cause it to be there, to be in the present.

This is an approach to an energetic that has you accessing a subtler awareness inside of yourself that others don’t acknowledge or recognize or pay attention to because it is probing deeper into the psyche of your nature.

Something like this is not as apparent or obvious in the outer. The outer has a force and a motion, ways to maintain itself, and a part of that, it has obliterated any guilt or quality that it might have in terms of having overstepped something in terms of establishing a power and control in a manifestation. And what you have done is you’ve gone back behind the scenes of that.

Now, what happens is when you go back behind the scenes of that, you’re going to make trouble for yourself if you make what you can subtly pick up and realize and recognize, if you start verbalizing it, if you start making it apparent.

I mean, this isn’t in your dream, but this is in my dreams. If you start to then act like you have got to put that on the table, too. This is a part that sits in the invisible and this is where the magic is at then. Everyone else is still limited by the karmic effect or archetype, by the archetypal forces, some of  which you’re not paying attention to and carrying into a responsibility and a presence.

Once you access certain levels of archetypal energy, you can’t go tell other people that they are under the spell and control of those archetype energies. They wouldn’t understand. And in doing so, you would lose the ability to function because you would be subjecting all of this to the vibrational imprint of those that are caught by such limitations. And then their vibrational imprint would cloud or start to veil your perception, that is really, really much more subtle. It would start to make it denser.

So, there comes a point in time when you come to take a subtler awareness of things into a quietude, which is something that, you know, seems to be the theme that’s going on now.

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