In the Change

M C Escher

It is the nature of change to feel new to us, and to put us in a state of imbalance. Yet we often try to find that state of balance as quickly as possible. How do we do that? By putting the new into old containers within us. And that can nullify or limit the new that is happening, because we have defined it according to old rules and understandings. Instead, we need to be patient and find our balance in the new state, with new knowledge – that’s how we evolve in a forward way. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, there’s this person who suspects that there is something going on that is alienating his girlfriend and her affections for him. His suspicions are aimed at me as being a suspect. That, somehow or another, I’m doing this.

So, what is happening is he’s not catching up with a type of interest, a vibrational interest, inside of himself, taking a kind of responsibility for it. And therefore that creates a projection that goes outside instead of stays to looking at something within. There’s a separation from a closeness and alienation in affecting the connection that is meant to be protected and defended, sustained and maintained within.

To figure out what is amiss, he seeks more information. This like sitting in a type of amnesia. I mean, no one aims to project and yet you can sense that something’s off. This is like the quality that a person gets into when they feel something is a little off in the way that they feel things in the outer, but they don’t have the facts to know what it is, so they just go around in a kind of delirium.

So, to figure out what is amiss, he seeks more information to bring out and clarify his suspicions, the vibrational quality about how something is lost.

What I’ve basically described up to this point is that the only evidence and the only way that it is felt that there is something imbalanced or off in the environment of things, has to do with this quality of one’s intuitional nature, or sense, or however you would call it, inflection, of which you can feel that in the heart or something. You could feel it, it’s not as overall or as free as it can be, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you know why. And so, you have to do things to try to shake yourself free so that you can dig yourself out.

This guy has to go through some antics in the outer to try to do that. So he challenges me to a one-on-one basketball game. And so he’s standing in the far corner and as he shoots the ball, I somehow or another jump up and touch it, and immediately with one hand, throw it or swat it, just like a type of block. And so it goes at a 90-degree angle away from the direction of that basket, and goes right into another basket off to one side. So it’s almost as if it rebounds to me, only it was more like it didn’t even get to the basket. And then gets batted into another basketball hoop that’s at a 90-degree angle off to one side, that’s lower of course, and it goes right through there.

This, of course, created a certain kind of shock, because he had all of his wish expectations set up to shoot it through the basket and then all of a sudden it gets rudely redirected.

The first time that happens that could be kind of a fluke. This is information to show that there is something imbalanced by the way one is carrying themselves, that one could feel but they don’t know why it is or how it is that’s associated and how it’s associated.

So because this one could have been a fluke, his next attempt is to take a tire, which is actually too big to go through the basket, and see if he can place it over the basket. He even has an accomplice to help him. When this also fails, he knows that a change exists. That a shift has occurred.

The overall meaning of this is still something that is beyond his frame of perception, but he realizes that he can let go and let it happen, as opposed to try to figure it out. This is like a shift in which what is going on is outside of a type of field of perception in which you nail it down in a way so that it can be identified, and communicated, and associated, and brought through for the perception of others. But this is a type of perception that others can’t assimilate in a way that’s quick enough; they can assimilate it over a course of time.

And so this person who is taking to try to understand this and is going through all of these antics, is basically getting themselves to a point where they can inflect it from within, as opposed to try to understand it by probing out what it is that’s creating this barrier or alienation, or a lack of natural closeness. That it has something to do with the way that they’re carrying themselves.

And the meaning of this dream is there has been a shift in awareness that affects everything that I do in life because I now see life a little differently. It is as if I have put my finger upon something anew that has woken up within, but I am unable to explain the change to myself in a cogent way.

I attempt to understand this new, focused, consciousness from the way the outer images basically reflect or act up. The pattern I’m accustomed to seeing is no longer something that I’m able to readily access, or find, or expect. A shift in my being has occurred, but that simply means that how it is going to affect life from here on is no longer as definable.

Also, in the dream, I do not know what it means, but I have found the thread, and I am following the thread to wherever it goes. But to set aside the focus to know. In other words, that focus to know can get in the way. The focus to know is often times attached to the idea that you have to communicate this to others, that others have to understand what you understand, or otherwise it doesn’t really exist. This is a shift in the focus to know. It’s a focus to know in which you’re comfortable and can reside in a change that’s afoot and you don’t limit it.

So, the first level of this is you don’t limit it in terms of throwing it out there to be noodled around by others, that creates the vibrational limitations.

And there’s a second shift to that, or another depth, in which you don’t even do it with yourself. And so you leave the whole thing open so that you’re comfortable with the change. That’s instantaneous. And that’s harder.

But the first step—and that’s the step further that’s not necessarily in this dream—the first step is to get so that you do not create that as something that is a vibrational limitation that comes through the perceptions and limitations of others.

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