Expression of the Divine

invisible-9There’s an aspect of energies that can be compared to invisibility. We may have felt it ourselves when we are operating at a certain elevated frequency and others have a hard time relating to us. If we extend that analogy, to where we are vibrating and operating in an energetic simile with the universe, we will become “invisible” to everyone at a lower frequency. It may feel strange to us, but we have to resist dumbing ourselves back down to be accepted again. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And in the next dream, in which there’s various versions of how this dream unfolded, and I could kind of remember them but I didn’t write them all down, I wrote up more of the last version because that is where something happens in a more of a magical way.

In the next dream, in the final version in which I am trying to figure out my role in terms of a shift and what that means to the psyche, what I’m doing is I’m becoming more and more creative in how to capture what comes across as a type of loot. But it’s not really money or loot, it’s an energetic. I’m trying to figure out how to capture it.

And to begin with, I have the shallow approach of trying to simply steal it from a warehouse storage area. But that process gets interrupted and then I try to negotiate that with another. And the next thing you know, still other forces show up and there’s a shootout in which I barely escape.

It’s like there’s no end to the power of something that can hold one back when you’re taking and trying to deal with something that is slipping around in the fabric of energetics with a visibility of some fashion – even if the visibility is nothing more than that of an energetic nature. You’re bound to put yourself in a position where that has to come up against another force, and then that’ll cancel out what is possible.

So, in the next phase, this time I’ve gone to work for a guy and I know where he keeps his loot. In this place where I’m going to work, I’m just doing a type of manual labor, just like a regular chain gang of workers that go out and do this, that, and the other. And then we leave from this main complex and go out and do manual labor. And yet, in his main complex, he has built up a pretty strong base and he has a lot of energetic loot.

As a menial laborer, realizing that you don’t take and fight those forces that safeguard and guard everything, you have to go outside of the vibrational flow. So, what I do is in this dream, instead of going out with the others, I hang back. I know where the loot is at, so I take the loot and I put it in a laundry basket. And then on top of the laundry basket I put the smelly laundry clothes that these manual laborers come back in having done a hard day’s work, I put that on top.

So the loot that this guy has, that is the main thing that he keeps for his ability to function in some capacity, you know, as a force, I’ve got that in the laundry basket. No one can steal his loot because he has guards everywhere, but no one has taken into account that someone who’d be so bodacious as to just start carrying this laundry basket right through the midst of them. In other words, not even trying to hide or sneak around. You just go boldly right amidst them with this laundry basket.

And you go past these security people, any one of them catch you you’re completely helpless, and so no one would do something that reckless. I remember one of them even calls in the fact that there’s this irregularity of someone carrying this basket of laundry somewhere, right through the midst of it. But no one even suspects that underneath that is this guy’s loot.

Well I don’t set off any alarms, or no one quite catches on, and yet I’m walking right in the midst of something that’s heavily guarded, and I go out a backdoor. In this whole process I hadn’t considered what would happen if I go out the back door. I guess I kind of suspected that, you know, oh my gosh, now I’m going to be all by myself out the backdoor and then what am I going to do?

But it just so happens that when I go out the backdoor there’s a bus and it’s in the final process of loading up. And it’s kind of a work bus. It maybe takes and drops people off somewhere in the city even, or I don’t know quite what it does, but they’re lined up.

And at first inflection, I’m told that the bus is full, and then someone else says, “No, I think we can get you on.” And so I’m a little leery standing in this line because I never know how fast those others are liable to respond and suddenly catch on, but they find a place on the bus for me. I get on. This is a bus—you know, everything is third-worldly in terms of the environment, dusty roads and old buildings, and, you know, kind of a wayward culture. And this bus is like a bus that you’d find in an agricultural setting. It’s used to hauling vegetables and stuff in it.

And yet somehow or another these people sit in there. And the bus, once it gets going, it really races along these dusty roads. And I realize that when I’ve gotten out of sight and out of mind, and out of this compound, that the forces of power, how will they even be able to find what has happened, because I did this thing so invisibly, so quietly, that they don’t have their usual power and control over what took place? I have gotten to a point where I can be a nobody.

No one knows what took place. I’ve not shared it with anybody in the outer. It’s all held within as a hiddenness. So I’m not tied to any energetic nuances, or limitations that are energetic. And as a consequence, I’m able to disappear into the environment. I’m able to do an action in manifestation in a way that comes the closest to being something in a total, infinite emptiness, because I’ve set off no self-limiting vibrations etherically.

That approach was so bold and bodacious that I fell under the cracks of the radar screen because there is no accounting energetically for such audacity. You’re not leaving any hints or clues out there that create the vibrational limitation. And this turned out to be the one thing that slipped through the cracks as an invisibility.

The meaning of this is I have made a shift in my awareness in life and what I am realizing is taking me to a plane where no one is paying attention – unless I want them to pay attention, and then I stop myself and limit myself. The loudness of the conceptions and projections would limit one’s thread to a consciousness, so you have to quiet them down, disappear them, or disappear oneself. And then you’re able to function without having set off in the environment etheric barriers of limitation.

It’s also nice to be able to be in the emptiness of a functionality, which is the Naqshband quality that is accentuated, because if you can highlight that as well, and carry that and still do this, then you have taken this to the next higher step, the Naqshband step, in which you’re functioning and acting in some way in manifestation, but you’re not even using your own thoughts or your own mannerisms and your own nuances to create any etheric limitations. It happens in the jaws of something that’s infinite.

So, this is a realization which goes beyond the self-limiting vibration of others. It’s going beyond the self-limiting conditions of others whose awareness and existence is bounded by limitations. The more that I am able to be in the outer, off the radar screen, free of vibrational ripples natural to manifestation, the more I am able to transcend the laws of physical limitation.

Being able to clearly have a focus and attention that transcends those laws is what the Chistis describe as the ability to basically transcend time and space. To stick your hand in fire and not be burned. Do all of these other kinds of things that make no sense to a world that is kept in place by the vibrational limitations of the collective.

I guess it is actually true that certain yogis can kind of do this. But it’s very, very tough because they have to have something really special in their nature to be able to take into account and keep the vibrational, limitational imagery of others from keeping it from happening.

These are like dreams that are coaching one in terms of how to stay in a quietude, I guess you would call it. How to stay in a quietude. You know, it’s a quietude that’s still able to carry the knowing and not lose it. Because that was one of the big struggles that I had: How do you have something that wakes up, and how do you catch up with what wakes up, if you try to keep it cloaked? Because when you try to keep it cloaked, the feminine principle mannerism is for it to then become a type of hiddenness.

And so, the way that you can do this, so that it functions and comes through you, and doesn’t remain cloaked, is you have to do this outside of yourself as a projection or expression of the divine in relationship to something in the whole, that is outside of yourself.

When you function then, in that capacity, outside of yourself, pulling for something outside of yourself, you then are catching up to the divine plan. And you can’t possibly do that if you turn this, in some regard, towards yourself. Because then that naturally limits, and in the degree to which you have to try to hide in order to keep a focus unfolding, gets in the way.

But when you do this all in an outside, outer context, the attention never gets aimed at you and you can then sit and function in a higher-self way. That’s a different note. That’s a different quality. That is something that is yet to be, I guess.

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