Close Relations

abstractWe may not even know what our true state of balance is, but we can see how easily we can be thrown out of balance by events in life. Here Jeane dreams of one part of her being imprisoned on an island, as a symbolic reaction to her worry about her father’s frail health. But, more importantly, what is being shown is that we have an energetic responsibility to hold the best for other people, because how we personally feel about a situation can impact the outcome in ways that are the opposite of what we really want. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My first dream, I‘ve forgotten most of it, except the impression I have is that there’s three of us, we’re all masculine, and I get imprisoned on an island, and that’s all I really remember.

John: That makes sense because the tone or the manner or the mood that you came back with was kind of worried. Apparently whatever is going on, something shocked you in terms of your dad. It’s like he’s suffering in some capacity and you can sense it. And I saw it immediately, too.

This actually has taken and strained something out of you, and it’s not leaving you your normal self, and it was obvious. And anything you tried to do to kind of jumpstart or try to reconnect, or whatever, just was out of sync, was awkward. Because you weren’t your usual, normal pace of self. And it was like it was dragging you down. Whatever was going on was dragging you down because of your overindulgence.

So you create a dream that shows that you’re out of sync. That there’s three parts and one gets stranded. The other phases and aspect and parts of yourself are probably fine, but this one particular part that’s caught up and overindulging, or is caught up in an over-concern or over-worry, and actually hitting a type of fear or despair or shock is causing a linkage to be broken.

My first two dreams were so extreme that they did cause me to have an awareness of something, to the point that I was waking up in my sleep realizing that we were talking. And then I was trying to tell your being, your soul, not to worry. And I was also realizing that what was going on had to be mutually absorbed. And that in mutually absorbing it, it helped to heal the overall situation. That was the healing and relief that was required for the situation, if it was meant to be assisted or guided.

So deep down inside, I didn’t really believe or feel that your dad’s condition, which does look weakened, is necessarily as bad as it looks. It looks like he can be rejuvenated. It’s fragile, it’s tenuous, but it’s a mannerism that, I think, can be overcome.

But it won’t happen if you get into a shock about it. You have to accept what you see, hold a particular position, maintain certain demeanor in your mannerism, don’t over extend to where you create a burden upon where the soul is trying to go, and he’ll be better.

I also saw that this is not necessarily rational between the mental energetic nature of his being and the soul quality nature of his being. That you and your sister are causing undue stress upon him on the soul quality nature of his being because, somehow or another, it may be reaching something different. But on the physical-mental part of his being, he is adamant and in a state of denial. And there’s a way that those two can come together if one relaxes somehow and supports his energetic. And then the inner energetic of his soul nature will come through and create the balance and the cadence that is necessary and needed for whatever is meant to unfold.

And my whole sense is that he can get better. My whole sense is that this is an incongruity, but also my whole sense is that the incongruity with him is a little scary in that if that is what is seen, and then that somehow just projected upon him, even though he fights it, tries to take the long walks and all of that sort of stuff. I was a little scared for him just the idea that we would walk down to see the boats come in, because I knew that in the shape and the condition he was in that this was going to be a bit much, but he did it.

But he had stretched his physical capacity. It was good that he stretches his physical capacities, that’s the part of his physical nature that refuses to give in, that maintains something that’s stellar. But you can’t have that creating a confusion for his wisdom that comes from the soul level, where there gets to be a gap or a problem there.

What creates that gap and a problem is, with him being doted upon in some fashion, in which a person actually gives up and weakens themselves, intruding upon a greater process that is his process. If one holds the space, and then there’s an energetic strength that is given in the holding of the space, that’s what he kind of needs the support of at the moment. Or otherwise the situation becomes nauseous, nauseous in terms of a deeper level. And, on the outer level, a confusion.

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