Fighting for More

249We tend to assume that our life is all about our personal freedom to do what we want. But perhaps it’s closer to the truth to understand that we are born into a physical body, which is, compared to pure energy, a very confined state of being. Yet there is a purpose to our being put into this physical state. Part of our lifelong journey is to reconnect to the energetic realms from which we come, providing a service for both us and them. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The first two dreams I think I just still have impressions of. In one I feel like I remember kind of being bound, like laying on the earth and being bound. And it’s almost like wanting to be born to get out of that feeling of being bound. But I also felt like I was somewhat of a dark force. I felt really primal and dark. I just felt strange.

And I know in the same dream, it’s like I felt like—or I had another dream right before it, I think—again, in which it feels like there’s a man that’s kind of trying to be born, that is restricted. It’s like his arms are still kind of bound, held to his body. It’s like trying to come out of a cocoon or something. So, first it was masculine, or maybe it was the feminine first, but one or the other.

John: It was feminine when it was in the body. It’s masculine when it’s out.

Jeane: Yes, so it’s like, just both things were things of feeling bound before I had a longer dream.

John: This kind of corresponds to a dream you had once before where you saw yourself getting kind of sluggish and almost like to the point where you had moss and whatnot growing, because your orientation as feminine energy is to that in creation. And so you’re back to seeing yourself in kind of this dense format of something needing to come alive that’s bound, that’s restricted, by this manifestation quality that you carry.

You apparently have a sense in the dream that there’s more to you than that, but how do you get to it? Because what you’re seeing in the dream is the fact that you’re in creation, all contangled and weighed down by creation and can’t access that part of yourself.

And that’s a feminine observation. While the masculine tends to be spirit energy that’s more out-of-body. Of course, the masculine is confined to manifestation as well, but it has more of an out-of-body kind of spirit energy quality to it. It’s like bringing the energy down and through to awaken something that is even more set in creation, which is the feminine, in which that energy is all contained with inside of itself, all bound up.

And, as you were seeing, kind of in a set of chains or whatever that you needed to break free from. Or, as in the previous dream, so weighted down that it was like you had to pick moss off yourself. You’re having a dream realizing that there’s more to you than that, and we’re fighting to find that more.

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