A Call From the Soul

human-soulThings are changing energetically, and we can see the chaos in the world today. Yet that chaos is a symptom of not flowing with the energetic change: it is a measure of resistance. What is happening energetically is a natural occurrence and, since we are natural beings at core, we have every tool we need to evolve with it. But we must be able to listen to the call of our inner selves, otherwise we will be left behind, stuck in the energies no longer supported by creation. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I’m being compelled to believe that the possibilities in the outer, when there is an inner connection, can defy conventional conceptualizations, in which the perception is oriented to the outer only. I’m recognizing that a quickening happens when an inner hits, that changes and affects the way one is taking in the outer. And if you don’t have the inner hitting, then you’re caught by the outer perceptions and the conventional conceptualizations.

So, as a consequence, I’m coming to believe that it is possible to work with both the inner and outer. And from this relationship reach a change in life deemed inconceivable. The two come together and can create a kind of unusualness or magic or something you would never expect if it was just the ordinariness of things or, just in and of itself, continues in kind of an illusion reflection. But when you bring the inner in, something inconceivable can happen.

In the dream, there is an influence upon manifestation in which a result that leads to further darkness is evident. In other words, the traditional collective, we’ll call it. This is what is naturally apparent and this result conforms to expectations whenever the forces of energy collide in the manner in which they are being impacted. In other words, as a denseness.

However, I’ve also noticed that there is an unfoldment that no one has noticed yet because it hasn’t occurred for a long time; usually it’s just the senses and the reactions and the mannerisms in the outer. This unfoldment involves a relating to a latent force that is awakening from within that is able to affect the outer. As it awakens, it has a direct effect upon the outer in a way that no one has been previously anticipating.

It is easy to conclude that this 180-degree difference – from that which is obvious and apparent – is a result that defies the laws of nature. In other words, something in nature that is natural in a density of life and then this other is something else coming in. However, I know that this is not true. In other words, defying the laws of nature is not true, because I saw it rising up within my being, so I know it to be real. It is only deemed to be unreal by a consciousness that is confined to believe that life is only what our physical senses say it is.

I have reached the point in my awareness to know that I am not limited to a reflective world only. That within manifestation, there are latent inner forces waiting to be awoken. What I am perceiving involves taking into account an inner vibrational effect, not heretofore taken into consideration, because on a strictly outer schematic, that isn’t what you consider. This option awakens only when there is an interaction between something more on the inner touching that which is typical in the outer, which results in a shift based upon a newfound awareness, not heretofore taken into account.

So, how is it that this occurred? The only thing I can think of is that life as designed, shifted because a need that existed, touched, and awakened something new to fulfill that request or longing. By that I mean, the need based upon the way a dark and destructive energy was naturally unfolding, begged for a miracle to avert an impending disaster. In other words, something was unfolding that was just a density of nature, of something in manifestation.

This caused life, as a consciousness, to probe deep within, and to the outer surface is a conscious, unexpected spark, but lost before unnoticed, lying dormant, it’s able to be awoken and ushered into manifestation.

To see this unfoldment on an inner into outer way, makes sense, and there is no magic or leap of faith. There is just a deeper glorification, that had not been noticed until now, when its need is timely, as an answer to a call from the soul. This isn’t something new under the sun. Not when it is seen as an inner awakening within creation, that is.

For anyone who is unfamiliar with how prayer works, and the choice and the divine essence that is able to flow in accordance to that, then this would be an unexpected surprise.

What I saw wasn’t a surprise and was therefore not blocked off because I came to accept and accommodate this inner flow as the predominant force in manifestation. In other words, it’s latent, it’s hidden, but it’s actually what makes things really tick. It’s not the reflections. This force is visible only to those who are able to set aside their established, collective outer conditioning. That was the meditation dream.

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