Between Two Seas

two oceans meetWe tend to think of spiritual development as a process where something dramatic is going to happen and we’ll suddenly be different. It doesn’t really work that way (and we couldn’t handle it if it did!). We like the analogy of a space capsule heading to a distant planet, it’s basically heading off-course every second, and to reach its destination it needs course corrections every minute. So it is with our journey: we need to constantly make adjustments to get closer to what we seek. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Now, this dream is what caused me probably to get up.

Out in the ocean I am able to see something. I am on the land. Ordinarily when something is out in the ocean and a person is on the land, that which is out in the ocean is out of reach – and that is my first assumption.

But then I discover that I am able to get closer to that which is out at sea by going along the shoreline. This makes a difference. This is not something I had noticed before. But now I notice that it is possible to get closer to that object that is out at sea by going along the shoreline.

So, by going along the shoreline, I’m able to reach the point where it is possible to have a better angle upon that which is out to sea.

And the meaning is that which is on the land is deemed symbolically to be of a limited nature. To be out to sea is to be in the infinite and great unknown. To be able to denote an object in this infinite expanse, and to be able to come close to it from the shoreline, is an image that symbolizes the process by which man is able to transcend his physical limitations and come closer and closer to touching that which is generally deemed to be out of reach in the essence of the whole, by that which is treated as being limited.

The way we see ourself as limited does not catch up with this essence of the whole. We never do take into account that which is an aspect of ourself that can be both in manifestation, and then as a quality that can be touched from manifestation or have a linkage, that is out in the infinite. And that there is a way of being between the two seas—of being between the infinite sea and the sea of manifestation—and for there to be something going on. There’s the denseness in manifestation, and yet there can be something in the infinite sea that is somewhat associated with manifestation, but it’s in the infinite sea, so it has a closer spark and connection to working with the divine.

I guess you can almost say that that’s an image of mastery, not necessarily an image of annihilation and emptiness. Or there is a part of something that is still there, that has to be dealt with, that is important, that you can’t suppress and shut off, that has a created expression, that is meant to be kind of sustained and maintained as a duty or quality or something in life.

In other words, you don’t just go completely to that of being in a saint that lets everything go. That you still have something that rises up and that even though you have the letting-go qualities that’s important, you still have this other. It just doesn’t hold its identity on your face to the degree to which you are lost in it.

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