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arms_wide_open___by_iamkatiaThe troublesome truth is that we resist change, both in ourselves and in our society, to the point where it becomes very detrimental to us. We do this by denying, avoiding, or propping up the old ways or patterns so that they continue to be our modus operandi. In a way, it’s like investing in a failing business: there’s no good outcome, and it costs us more and more. When something needs to change, something else has to be let go, fade away, or let die. We know this, but still need courage to act on it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Well, I came out of meditation with my attention diverted upon the fact that the situation around me in life is going in a direction that is actually wrong and makes no sense in terms of how something should unfold. And that I have been sitting back and waiting and expecting something to change about that, and nothing changes. And so, I know that the other is wrong. And the problem is that it stays wrong. And now I’m getting concerned that this is going to twist or affect my psyche.

And so I keep asking myself in terms of what is off and what is wrong, what is it that I’m looking at and how am I looking in a way, such that I’m missing something? If I’m missing something and am off looking at something that is off and stays off, and keeps affecting the outer as being off, and this never changes and continues like this, that this has a kind of shattering effect upon one’s psyche. 

So, what I see myself doing is even though—I can’t help but believe that what I see and what I perceive, I can see something inside of everything that’s unfolding, which is appropriate or right, even though that isn’t what’s happening. And so, as this continues to continue day after day, month after month, however long it continues, it defies common sense by continuing like this. It can be very, very confusing. And, you know, can cause people to wonder what’s up and what’s down, and it’s doing this in terms of everything in life.

So, as a consequence of this dream, or meditation quality, that I came out with at 2:00 in the morning, I wrote it up until 3:00, and then I stayed up all night, because I was realizing and looking at something in the outer world that directly affects me in kind of in a small way. And so I found myself acting on the principle that I was describing to you earlier in that there are three ways in which consciousness works. And there’s one of those three ways that invokes the consciousness to the utmost.

The first way the consciousness works is where a person has a lot of intelligence and knowledge and sight and they act in a way that sees in advance what is going to take place, or is apt to happen. And so by those who act out with that foresight, the others remain ambivalent or not part of. And in many instances in a society in which you have power and control manipulations, they then can also be caught up in a continuous manipulation that they can never catch up with by those who see and foresee, act, and then dumb down things in advance. So, that’s one aspect of consciousness. 

The second aspect of consciousness of a person is those who recognize what’s going on in the moment and then act in the moment. That’s much better. It kind of keeps moods and such at bay when a person is able to act like that. That’s one of the positives to acting like that or conducting yourself like that, but not everybody lives in the moment.

So the third way is actually for those who can do it and those who do it, is the most conscious of conscious ways. And that is where we take an issue that is all bizarre and off and, rather than seeing it advance and fixing it, or acting upon it in the moment, you just let it rot, you let it stink up the place, you let it get so bad that everybody feels it, can’t stand it. It aggravates everybody, you know, and you get it to the point where people who normally like to keep their life simple will suppress things to keep from having to deal with it, where even their attempt to suppress it becomes almost impossible, it’s gotten so out-in-the-open rotten – then you act.

And then when you take and address something, that has the greatest impact, in terms of effect, in getting a understanding to take place or to come across.

Perhaps that’s why we live in the state that we live in in current times, where we notice that the pressing issues of the day are those things that have been allowed to be treated irresponsibly to the point where everyone has gotten aggravated because it has not been dealt with in a professional or confident or straightforward manner. And so it is rotted and fermented to the point that a certain need anxiety is built up. Perhaps this then seems to be the means upon which switches and changes in society can be best accomplished because then it invokes the depths of everyone, keeps them from skating along amnesically, forces them to contend with it in some which way, manner, or form.

I guess I’m saying that my experience last night is in keeping with the affairs of the world now and, of course, it also caused me to address something, staying up all night, caused me to address something that comported in along those lines with something that I’m doing directly in the outer. And what I did was basically, well, I guess it’s not important what I did. It just forced me to have to realize that by avoiding that, all I do is keep myself aggravated and nothing changes, and things continue to stay dumbed down, and certain power and controls continue to happen, and a certain rip off continues to continue, which means that apparently it hasn’t fermented or rotted long enough or enough for it to be timely to have it exposed and open to the light of day so that something can change.

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