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birds-in-alignmentFollowing on yesterday’s dream (see If Everyone Jumped…) Jeane’s dreams continue the theme of getting inner aspects of herself in alignment with the aspects of her that have made breakthroughs on her spiritual path. And, just as it is in dealing with friends in the outer, on the inner levels some aspects of us are more open, some are more reluctant, to hear the “good news,” and, more frightening yet, make the changes that these breakthroughs imply. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So the second dream, I just remembered pieces of it. But the impression I have is that I have been on a trip where I visited two or three countries, and they were countries like Pakistan, or something, that were in that area of the world.

I had come back and I’m going to be meeting with several groups of friends—actually some of who are meeting in a group. I go over to one friend’s house. I’m laying down on the bed and there’s a naked Chinaman next to me. I’m trying to talk over him to the people I wanted to visit there. He’s reacting like I should be interested in him physically. That’s not the purpose of why I’m there.

So, then I get up and start walking around. And what I’m trying to actually show the Chinaman is I have this really nice, carved—it’s actually just a stone I’d found—but I think about it as a healing stone. It’s a certain shade of green and…

I don’t think I went to China, but he’s just there and he’s from China. And he’s a gambler and I have this stone, it’s like green—I forget, calcite or whatever you call it, and it’s been carved a bit, but it’s also natural—and to me, it’s like a good luck stone and a healing stone. And he suddenly is offering me large sums of money for it, and I’m really annoyed at him because I was willing to just loan it to him for awhile just for some luck, but now all of that kind of messes that up because you don’t sell those things, you know, that come to you. You might give them away, but you don’t sell them. So I’m annoyed with him.

And then I go back to a larger group that I’ve been part of, that’s being led by a woman who has got a kind of strong leadership presence. She is considering with her group even going and visiting some of the countries that I visited. And I’m telling her that it’s not quite like they say it is, but that I had actually found a group there of Buddhists and they had taken me into an area, and I saw a lot of the old carvings and a lot of the things that really showed a powerful and long-term presence with their spirituality.

It wasn’t like people here, where the’ve been communist countries, and there’s none of that there. I’m kind of telling her there is that there. That things aren’t kind of like how everybody has it stereotyped. And at the same time, I have a feeling that some of this area is kind of dangerous, but that’s about all I pulled out of that dream. It was a really complex dream with a lot going on, but I couldn’t pull it out.

John: Yeah, this dream continues the theme of the first dream, actually. In which, to begin with, you have an exposure to a lot of areas, places, that have expanded your perspective and awareness. And now, you’re back in a place where you see that there’s this Chinaman that you’re going to help out.

You have had all of this exposure that has caused something to change in terms of how it is that you have evolved. And you find yourself at a place where there’s something offered to you by someone who you don’t know, who seems to be offering you something that will enhance a need.

It seems that there’s a design that makes no sense to you, that is affecting you, that meaning the Chinaman, to awaken you to something deeper inside. I mean, that seems as you would say, an extraneous kind of energy to it all. And what awakens inside is that the place you find yourself at is with friends who are part of a group, that you’re not necessarily a part of or familiar with.

In other words, you’ve opened up a path that the others aren’t necessarily familiar with. That’s apropos to the theme of the evening. You have reached an awareness that has changed you. And what you have to say about that is inclined to affect others differently than what and how it is that they might expect or anticipate.

There’s kind of a sadness in that. I mean, there’s a consciousness in that, and there’s kind of a tension in that in terms of a breakthrough. The sadness in that is that there’s an aloneness, in that you can tell others about this, about something. But there’s a dilemma in telling them, because what you understand about it is different from where they’re coming from. And you’re trying to figure out how to communicate that understanding, and you’re having to go up against perceptions that are different from how it is that they have been looking. That’s kind of still the theme of the dream.

The Buddhist aspect, or the element of a greater awareness, is something that you have taken on, but may or may not have had a role to play in terms of how it is that your awareness of things has progressed or changed, to where you’re able to try and say something to these people who may have a hard time hearing you, because they’re looking at things differently.

Jeane: I also have the impression that somewhere in one of my dreams last night, somebody got beheaded. And I don’t even know if it was me or somebody else. We were cautioning them about some kind of risk.

John: Getting beheaded or having something happen to your ordinary framework of reference of yourself is an image that can appear when you find yourself estranged from your surroundings, which means that, or implies that, somehow you’re out of sync.

Well, the theme of the dreaming seems to be conduct that one is doing that seems disassociated with where one’s attention is primarily being placed. And in your dream, it seems that you’re finding yourself—as you’re observing yourself, I should say—you’re observing yourself doing things that like for one, you’re jumping into and out of something that’s wonderfully clear blue and everything. The friends you have around you are not necessarily following suit. They’re not necessarily going along with what you’re doing either. And it’s as if you’re trying to explain it to them, but you’re not able to get them to understand.

So they don’t have the exposure. They don’t have the exposure or the depth of human experience to grasp what it is that you would like to communicate. Or how it is that you would like then to take a step. You’re giving them information, but they don’t know what to do with it.

You’re dreaming about how it is that you’re able to, in the first image, jump into something that is wonderful, that they don’t seem to be following, those that are around you, don’t seem to be following suit doing.

And then the other image, you seem to be communicating to them something that they don’t seem to be able to grasp or understand. Well, that they’re hearing but, they may be able to understand it, but they haven’t sorted it out yet. They haven’t experienced it yet. And it has to do with how something comes together, if it can come together.

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