Between Two Seas

two oceans meetWe tend to think of spiritual development as a process where something dramatic is going to happen and we’ll suddenly be different. It doesn’t really work that way (and we couldn’t handle it if it did!). We like the analogy of a space capsule heading to a distant planet, it’s basically heading off-course every second, and to reach its destination it needs course corrections every minute. So it is with our journey: we need to constantly make adjustments to get closer to what we seek. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Now, this dream is what caused me probably to get up.

Out in the ocean I am able to see something. I am on the land. Ordinarily when something is out in the ocean and a person is on the land, that which is out in the ocean is out of reach – and that is my first assumption.

But then I discover that I am able to get closer to that which is out at sea by going along the shoreline. This makes a difference. This is not something I had noticed before. But now I notice that it is possible to get closer to that object that is out at sea by going along the shoreline.

So, by going along the shoreline, I’m able to reach the point where it is possible to have a better angle upon that which is out to sea.

And the meaning is that which is on the land is deemed symbolically to be of a limited nature. To be out to sea is to be in the infinite and great unknown. To be able to denote an object in this infinite expanse, and to be able to come close to it from the shoreline, is an image that symbolizes the process by which man is able to transcend his physical limitations and come closer and closer to touching that which is generally deemed to be out of reach in the essence of the whole, by that which is treated as being limited.

The way we see ourself as limited does not catch up with this essence of the whole. We never do take into account that which is an aspect of ourself that can be both in manifestation, and then as a quality that can be touched from manifestation or have a linkage, that is out in the infinite. And that there is a way of being between the two seas—of being between the infinite sea and the sea of manifestation—and for there to be something going on. There’s the denseness in manifestation, and yet there can be something in the infinite sea that is somewhat associated with manifestation, but it’s in the infinite sea, so it has a closer spark and connection to working with the divine.

I guess you can almost say that that’s an image of mastery, not necessarily an image of annihilation and emptiness. Or there is a part of something that is still there, that has to be dealt with, that is important, that you can’t suppress and shut off, that has a created expression, that is meant to be kind of sustained and maintained as a duty or quality or something in life.

In other words, you don’t just go completely to that of being in a saint that lets everything go. That you still have something that rises up and that even though you have the letting-go qualities that’s important, you still have this other. It just doesn’t hold its identity on your face to the degree to which you are lost in it.

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A Call From the Soul

human-soulThings are changing energetically, and we can see the chaos in the world today. Yet that chaos is a symptom of not flowing with the energetic change: it is a measure of resistance. What is happening energetically is a natural occurrence and, since we are natural beings at core, we have every tool we need to evolve with it. But we must be able to listen to the call of our inner selves, otherwise we will be left behind, stuck in the energies no longer supported by creation. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I’m being compelled to believe that the possibilities in the outer, when there is an inner connection, can defy conventional conceptualizations, in which the perception is oriented to the outer only. I’m recognizing that a quickening happens when an inner hits, that changes and affects the way one is taking in the outer. And if you don’t have the inner hitting, then you’re caught by the outer perceptions and the conventional conceptualizations.

So, as a consequence, I’m coming to believe that it is possible to work with both the inner and outer. And from this relationship reach a change in life deemed inconceivable. The two come together and can create a kind of unusualness or magic or something you would never expect if it was just the ordinariness of things or, just in and of itself, continues in kind of an illusion reflection. But when you bring the inner in, something inconceivable can happen.

In the dream, there is an influence upon manifestation in which a result that leads to further darkness is evident. In other words, the traditional collective, we’ll call it. This is what is naturally apparent and this result conforms to expectations whenever the forces of energy collide in the manner in which they are being impacted. In other words, as a denseness.

However, I’ve also noticed that there is an unfoldment that no one has noticed yet because it hasn’t occurred for a long time; usually it’s just the senses and the reactions and the mannerisms in the outer. This unfoldment involves a relating to a latent force that is awakening from within that is able to affect the outer. As it awakens, it has a direct effect upon the outer in a way that no one has been previously anticipating.

It is easy to conclude that this 180-degree difference – from that which is obvious and apparent – is a result that defies the laws of nature. In other words, something in nature that is natural in a density of life and then this other is something else coming in. However, I know that this is not true. In other words, defying the laws of nature is not true, because I saw it rising up within my being, so I know it to be real. It is only deemed to be unreal by a consciousness that is confined to believe that life is only what our physical senses say it is.

I have reached the point in my awareness to know that I am not limited to a reflective world only. That within manifestation, there are latent inner forces waiting to be awoken. What I am perceiving involves taking into account an inner vibrational effect, not heretofore taken into consideration, because on a strictly outer schematic, that isn’t what you consider. This option awakens only when there is an interaction between something more on the inner touching that which is typical in the outer, which results in a shift based upon a newfound awareness, not heretofore taken into account.

So, how is it that this occurred? The only thing I can think of is that life as designed, shifted because a need that existed, touched, and awakened something new to fulfill that request or longing. By that I mean, the need based upon the way a dark and destructive energy was naturally unfolding, begged for a miracle to avert an impending disaster. In other words, something was unfolding that was just a density of nature, of something in manifestation.

This caused life, as a consciousness, to probe deep within, and to the outer surface is a conscious, unexpected spark, but lost before unnoticed, lying dormant, it’s able to be awoken and ushered into manifestation.

To see this unfoldment on an inner into outer way, makes sense, and there is no magic or leap of faith. There is just a deeper glorification, that had not been noticed until now, when its need is timely, as an answer to a call from the soul. This isn’t something new under the sun. Not when it is seen as an inner awakening within creation, that is.

For anyone who is unfamiliar with how prayer works, and the choice and the divine essence that is able to flow in accordance to that, then this would be an unexpected surprise.

What I saw wasn’t a surprise and was therefore not blocked off because I came to accept and accommodate this inner flow as the predominant force in manifestation. In other words, it’s latent, it’s hidden, but it’s actually what makes things really tick. It’s not the reflections. This force is visible only to those who are able to set aside their established, collective outer conditioning. That was the meditation dream.

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In Process With Oneself

awakening-process-2We all spend so much of our time worrying about our relationships to other people and other things. Yet in this dream and its analysis, we see that what is most important is the process within ourselves, because, as an operating system, the human design always seeks deeper connection, and greater alignment to its creator. And, as we have noted, that connection and alignment is a choice that the human can make, it’s not automatic or forced upon us. Which means we have to continually say yes, yes, yes to the development process. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the next dream, it’s like I’m on an island. I must be on vacation or something because it’s a large island. And it’s got a casino on one part and it’s kind of made out of rock that is lava-like, kind of black.

At first, I feel like I have a place where I’m staying with some other people. I’ve even gone out and walked through a casino and I’m looking at maybe finding where I’m wandering around a little, looking for where maybe a grocery store is so I can take some things back to the room.

And then I’ve wandered a bit further, so now I’m thinking about how to get home. I can see kind of a highway and lava rock around me and I need to know how to get back to where I’m staying. Well, this guy comes along and he shows me that there’s a path back to where I go. But this path requires going down this really steep hillside, where it looks like these big rocks could fall on you. And I see a few people down below, but even they look like they could fall off where they are, and I know I don’t deal well with heights. And that’s apparently the shortcut, but it looks very, very rugged to me.

So, then I look and I could see I could walk along the highway, but he says that it takes a lot longer and it’s getting almost dark. So, I think, well, even though it might be a several hour walk along the highway, I’m pondering it, but then he says I can come with him and now he’s become like Brett Michaels, the rock star. So I go a ways with him and we meet up with some other people. We go to their house. He’s going to play music with some of them, so I wander off to another room. Well, before long, I find a room where apparently they organize Sufi meetings, just like we have on Thursday nights.

Well, I go in and actually everyone’s beautifully dressed. They’re very social. They’re very nice. It’s kind of a very mixed group in terms of mixed race and everything. They actually have an overflow into three rooms. It’s a really, large group. Well, I’m kind of excited, but then as they sit down, it’s more like a social group, or a Unitarian meeting, or something. And so I wander up to one of the other rooms. I don’t know where the hostess is and everyone’s nice to me in this, but you also feel like they want you to approve of what they’re doing and I don’t know if it’s a Sufi meeting.

I mention to somebody in one of the other rooms, “Well, you don’t meditate and then be social, and then go over dreams?” I see someone in a corner, but she’s very pale in this group compared to everybody else. But she nods her head at what I’m saying. She knows what I’m talking about, but I almost feel like they’re going to attack me because I want to do things traditionally and they obviously have a wonderful, large, social group, but it’s not what I think of as like a Sufi group. So I realize maybe it’s better if I start trying to walk home.

So I start to walk out and then there are some people that come to offer me a ride, but the ride they want to offer me is in this Volkswagen, where they’ve got a bunch of things, like a Volkswagen bus, but it’s kind of got a glass top, but they’ve laid sleeping bags out in it and stuff so that when you crawl in you actually have to lay down and you’re facing the ceiling. And maybe there’s one place where I think maybe I could open up the window on the ceiling. But I almost want to even get out on the roof because again, I just feel terribly confined, so I wake up.

John: First of all, you set the tone of the fact that you’re bound or chained in the first dream, by the fact that you’re caught up in a quality of manifestation in which you can’t access the greater part, or more, of yourself. And so then as you start this dream off, instead of the traditional Sufi image of it being a journey in which you climb a mountain, you have it as an adventure in which you’re bringing the spirit energy down into creation, or bringing it down to yourself, to awaken yourself. And you’re pointing out that there are kind of two ways of doing it, bringing it straight down, or taking a long, stretched out route that is a little easier and less hard on oneself.

And then, apparently, you’re taking your route or decide to take an easier route. It’s less hard on yourself, which means that you’ve got a bit of a blend or a mix between something that’s still in creation versus something that would like to experience something more. And so it’s like you’re going to a rock group. And the rock, of course, is a rock and something very dense, and yet at the same time it’s supposedly a Sufi group. It’s a drawn-out process where you’ve got a blend of all this stuff going on, the chitchat and the carryings on, but that isn’t in keeping with your understanding of how you want to break free from the confines of things. You know that you need to have an orientation to a greater part of yourself that rises above the limitations of how you experience yourself as dense in manifestation.

So that then progresses to you being in a vehicle, but a vehicle with an open top, meaning open to the ethers and the overall of things and wanting to orient in that capacity. You’re not interested in being oriented in something that’s mundane. The rock group and that whole idea, that slower approach, that basically went off and chitchat and bizarreness that nauseated you.

So, it’s almost like where there is a discombobulation in this is, it’s like you had the part at the beginning where you could come down, and then you had the part where it could be stretched out and go the long route. It appeared that you decided maybe to try to go at it in an easier way, like the stretched out route. But then when that took place, or when you started to work that way, you found that you couldn’t stand that. That it was too mundane. That it was too shallow. That it was too nauseating. And so you react to that and, in the reaction, you’re throwing yourself back out to where you’re aspiring to the openness.

So, what’s interesting is to look at kind of what is taking place in that the energy is something that you see as coming down or coming down into you. And you can either take this long stretched out route, or go straight down into the depths of yourself or bring that spirit energy down into the depths of yourself.

What is interesting is that you’re doing that as a counter image to something that aspires to rise up. In other words, the feminine energy aspires to rise up. So you’re attempting to work with the masculine energy. You’re attempting to bring it down into you. And then, as you attempt to do that, you attempt to do that in a slow, easy way. But something about that is nauseating because then there’s the other part of you that wants to aspire or go up with the energy. You have the top open and something go up.

And you come to that part or realization or quality of yourself, when you leave that rock group that doesn’t quite give you what you need, and you get into a vehicle and you’re traveling again, and you’re leaving yourself open. You’re laying back, asleep to the outer surrounding, with the top open to the ethers of all that there is, which is back now to the—a bit like more of the image of something that aspires to go up, or the energy comes out of the feminine and rises up.

So, this dream that has both of these directions portrayed makes one wonder if there is a confusion in there, if there’s a conceptual confusion. Are you doing something unnatural with yourself?

In other words, I think it’s the feminine nature to just subjectively wake up, and it subjectively wakes up by some aspect of kind of the spirit energy, somehow quickening in its nature and waking up. But there seems to be two different speeds going on here. The idea of that masculine spirit energy waking something up inside of yourself seems to be a pace that’s slower, as that aspect of the process is slower in terms of how you want it to be. But in terms of how you want something to wake up, you want it to wake up faster. So you can’t stand the groups that are associated with a slower pace approach. And it’s almost like you’re being kind of aligned to being able to be open to the atmosphere of the whole, like a rising up.

And so, is the spirit energy coming down cluttering you in some fashion? That’s what one has to wonder. The fact that you have the reaction and whatnot within the rock group. And that causes me to reflect upon, again, another image that you had where you’re able to somehow stand almost ambivalently with your hands out and your feet stretched out, and let the energy of the universe pass through you. That’s a subjective image. Everything passes through you, nothing sticks. That’s a very surrendered, passive image in terms of a connectivity to the wholeness. That’s more in keeping with laying back and going to sleep in the car with the top open, and a connection to the wholeness of things that rises up from within.

So, there’s something going on with this chemistry flow. And so you have to take this all the way back to the struggle. And the struggle has to do with you feeling like you’re chained or bound in manifestation and you need to, somehow or another, break free of that – and how do you do that?

Now the dilemma that the feminine has is it has to take in the spirit energy, but it has to figure out how to align it and balance it, so that it works within a wholeness of it all. And, at the same time, let all of that go, so that it’s open to the wholeness of all of life. Like being able to lay back and something then aspires to whatever the infinite above is.

So, you’re playing with this dynamic, in which apparently what you seem to be focusing on and drilling down upon, is the heaviness of things, or the clutter of things, or the awkwardness of things, in a physical body, in the manifestation of things that are still bound up and isn’t able to be as free as it needs to be, or as connected or as flowing as it needs to be.

And you’re looking at this in different octaves. I mean, a while back you looked at it from the standpoint that outside of a connection to the spirit energy, you get really dense. And then with the spirit energy, where things are going on, you can tend to get reactive, or have trouble in terms of what you consider aligned properly. You know, the so-called Sufi group is too slow or too something, that just doesn’t quite sort itself out for you.

So, what you’re doing is, it’s hard to describe, but you’re playing with this whole dynamic, this whole wheel of opening up. You’re playing at it almost with a different pace of yourself in each kind of area. In other words, there’s a part of yourself that can just totally let go in a kind of quality, feminine nature and be open to something that releases going up. And then there’s a part of yourself that is trying to be measured in terms of what comes in, and then there’s a part of yourself that can’t handle the degree to which something is unfolding because it doesn’t resonate right in terms of how you need to be. You’ve got those variables.

They’re kind of like a mood friction and whatnot that’s going on, that one cycles through their nature. You must be doing that, right? Continually rolling that kind of quality. So, it’s an interesting dream reflecting upon how it is that you are in process with yourself.

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