In the Vibration

vibration-of-love1Let’s assume we mostly live disconnected lives, meaning disconnected from the purposes and processes of creation. Could it be just that that brings such randomness to events in our lives? Because we have all had the experience, for brief moments, when things flow for us, and everything falls into place. There’s an ease to it, and nothing is random. Being energetically connected to higher processes puts us back into that flow. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I dreamt about a preexisting, vibratory rite that I must trust and follow. When I experience it as prevailing in a scenario, I must honor and abide by this and not hold on to what I decide is important as an expectation.

I am shown that when I am in the vibration, what I need is provided and more.

In the dream, I see myself come abreast or into the intensity of a scenario, in which something is required but I find myself a bit short in that regard.

Then I find through the vibration the outer reflections that are needed. So I not only tie in with that that gets me to where I need to go, but because I’ve created the vibe that causes other reflections all around me to be in support, something goes even more over the top in that another person, who had hit some jackpot, has winnings he just offers to me to also apply.

The important thing is that the heart feels full and there is an all-pervading confidence when I am in this state. I just need to be in touch with things in this energetic, and not to some projection in the outer that is reflecting a desire or mannerism where I’m deviated in my own personal motif.

The process is to start with a desire, however. Refine it to the will impulse, and go from there even, to the Will, which is the divine essence.

When I am able to do that, I am able to be in sync with how it is I am to be in manifestation.

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Inner Octave

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We’ve all heard about the Law of Attraction, and there’s truth in it because like is always attracted to like, meaning similar frequencies will resonate together, like tuning forks do. But, of course, what we radiate energetically is a product of our processes as a whole; i.e., we may hit great heights momentarily, but where do we vibrate on average? That is the energy with which we interact with the world, and which can effect how things unfold for us. Development helps us to continually raise our average. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the meditation dream, I am of the opinion that life is unfolding better than how it would ordinarily be. I’m seeing that about and around in my outer manifestation. I can see how it works out, how things are going and happening for others, and sometimes you feel bad about that, but for me it seems like everything is in a different octave. It’s okay; it’s better.

So, at first, it’s just a supposition based upon the awareness of what I’m seeing around me. But after a while, I am convinced that I am experiencing life without the usual tribulations that others have. Somehow or another, I don’t get hit in quite the same way. I don’t have the same struggles.

So, I start to wonder why that is or about that. And the way I wonder is I imagine myself to be energetically in circumstances that correspond more to this other way in which things unfold. I project and put myself in other people’s shoes. And when I put myself in other people’s shoes, I have to feel the vibration that they are walking around feeling, as opposed to the vibration I’m walking around feeling.

And when I do this, this creates, to some degree, a credence to the patterns. The fact that people shape and affect the surroundings. It’s not complete because some people have other aspects of grace that are given to them, you know, because their process is slightly different. But by and large, in terms of the central theme of the energy, the main note of the energy, I’m starting to see how important it is to be in a cadence.

I’m still sensing that there’s still something intangible that is enabling me to get the break now more than usual. So how do I explain this?

Well, the distinction is that I am carrying myself on a vibrational level differently. I am experiencing life with a more wholesome nature. Consequently, because the outer is reflective, I’m taking in or shaping or images come to me that are more in line with the condition I am in.

There’s a person who’s angry and upset, seems to have an angry and upset scenario of events that reflect outwardly. So it’s really important how it is that you find the octave inside of yourself. If I am more despairing or carry more of a demeanor of defeatism, the way life would reflect back to me would put me more in tune with those kinds of scenarios, as being a condition that I’ve created.

To answer the question for why it is that I am perceiving things with a different flavor and flair than others is because I’m connecting to an inner vibratory note within my being where this other is not being purposely traumatized. We do this to ourself. I experienced this going back and forth, with things being denied, withheld, various challenges and obstacles to finding one’s self and needing to adhere to this.

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The Process of Will

innerstrengthIsn’t it the story of everyone’s life that we mostly spend our time dealing with how things unfold for us, i.e., this happens, and we do that. But living from inner into outer begins to remove the randomness from our life, because we are working with energies beyond just our own. When we are unconnected, we live at the whim of circumstance. When we are connected to higher energies, we are working in concert with things that are already working in accordance with a divine plan. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: It seems like the main dream I was having, I was going between the town where I grew up and a town about 40 miles away that’s larger, trying to get something, because you had to visit an agency there to get what you needed, but I can’t remember a lot of details about that. And I never could find the agency like open or available to get what I needed when I went. I’m going back and forth a lot.

And then it kind of evolves into a dream where it’s like I’ve gone somewhere with my dad and he’s found some kind of unusual sled. And we’re down on the even ground with the snow at first, but going over how it works. How you get on the sled and how you go down the hill and everything.

So, then we go up to where there’s kind of a long, sliding slope and we keep going over it, but finally I tell him, “Well, just get on it.” You know. But he doesn’t get on it like head first. He sits down on it backwards, or something like that, I forget what it is. He does something. He’s still holding on, but that sled takes off like a fast little sucker and goes swooping down and over, and down into a level area, he’s laughing. So we go over and that worked pretty well, even though he didn’t get on it exactly right. So we’re going to go get one.

The next thing I know, we’re in a shop, but we’re more in like a shop where you buy kitchen utensils. And we’re buying these odd kind of utensils and, for some reason, I think these utensils make up the sled or something. I mean, it’s kind of an odd thing. And so when the lady’s giving them to me, I’m pulling out one that has some rust or something on it. And all of them seem to have a little bit on them, but she claims that’s a kind of process the way they’re made. But there’s one that doesn’t look like it’s put together right to me, so I want to exchange that one. And she’s going over what you do if you ever need to get them fixed with me, when I wake up.

John: The theme of the dreaming last night was the catching up with an energetic or vibration upon which, when you hold that vibration, it shapes everything in the outer that is reflective, so that it comes together in terms of how a process of will is designed to unfold. And of course the grosser aspect of the process of will is desire that doesn’t quite have its potency, where you could be going back and forth, and back and forth, as you were doing to begin with, to an agency. And not quite able to get in sync with what was needed because maybe there was a density or peculiarity or overreaching in your nature that wasn’t in sync with the connective flow.

Because once you get the connective flow and you hone it, which is what you were doing on the ground level, you were honing that connection awareness as a vibration. You were honing it in terms of what was involved, in terms of getting off and on the sled. And so that when you then take it to the point where you’re having to confront obstacles and have to be on a course of action, that you would be able to do that and keep and maintain the energetic or vibration or note or tone, which is the will. You’d be able to maintain that.

However, what you’re seeing is that at first, you are able to get the big dose of this, which is like the catch up with this will. And even though you’re all discombobulated, you know, you’re in for the thrill of your life. But the will is important in terms of another aspect that it has as a significant role in creation, in that by holding on to it, it affects how reflections in the outer are. By you holding onto this will, you’re able to note that things come together as need be. You’re able to construct or shape what is necessary to make the process work.

Your dream, first of all, gave you a big dose of it, but it was not a sustainable thing. You sat on backwards and everything else that was quite a thrill. You didn’t quite own this right. And then in that latter part of the dream, it showed that you had, through the practice of working and understanding it and bringing it about and upon your being and everything while in a neutral setting, which is on the level that then evolved into something where you got the big dose of it. Now you’re still holding on to this central one vibration that’s important to everything, and from that you’re able to shape or bring about that which is necessary to put together in manifestation an unfoldment that brings about the will that is needed.

And when you take something from a desire to a wish and to a will, the will is considered the divine, the divine Will. That’s when a human being is in sync with things and they know it and they feel it and there’s a naturalness that sits there in their heart at the same time, fullness in the heart.

The subject being a vibratory essence, note, quality, that permeates, that you connect with, that makes everything happen. And I started experiencing that in the meditation dream.

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