The In-Crowd

George Underwood

In this thread where we see that we are all the characters in our dreams, John has a dream showing him waiting and expectant for one group – the group he is familiar with – and instead interacting with a “foreign,” unexpected group. When we work with the many lives in us, we can’t have favorite teams or a biased approach, we need to bring on board every aspect of ourselves that we discover, seemingly foreign or not. To become part of the One, we need to become one with ourselves on an inner level. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my dream what is taking place is, in this upstairs area there’s a large reception area, or table I should say, a banquet-type table, that is for my senior classmates. These are all senior classmates that I know, that I went to school with or something, and they’re not there. They’re downstairs or something is my assumption, and I am helping to get things set up for them when they are to come.

In the kitchen, women are cutting up watermelon and I’m going back and forth to the kitchen and taking two pieces of watermelon a piece, and putting them out in the various spots where people will be sitting. And in my mind’s eye, I have a visualization of where people are to sit. As I keep putting the watermelon out, I keep having to adjust anything that I might want to give to myself because I keep seeing another spot open up and whatnot where someone can sit. And I don’t put watermelon down at a spot where I am able to sit until the table is completely set with watermelon in all of the intended spots.

I then go downstairs to get my classmates. My classmates are nowhere to be seen. They have gone somewhere. And there’s no indication if they’re going to be coming back. And, of course, the watermelon is there to be eaten. But when I go down, now what I run into is a whole bunch of Canadians. And they’re sitting there eager, you know, to receive something, to get something, to partake. But I’m not interested in the Canadians, I’m looking for my classmates.

And so, one of the Canadians speaks up and he says, on behalf of the others that are kind of all milling around, that he notes my confusion, and he says, “Well, we can just come up and get the watermelon and bring it down here and eat it.” In other words, if the issue is one of violating the area where my classmates belong, then that can be solved by them coming up and just getting the watermelon and going back to a spot down below. It’s an unnatural spot for them to have to go down to, but it breaks the stalemate.

And I’m standing at the doorway, hesitating, because everything I have done is for my classmates, but there are no classmates. My classmates are nowhere to be found. And I have no idea if they’re ever coming back, because they may be on a different note or have a different intention. And here are these Canadians, and they are ripe and ready.

So I wake up just at the split second that I make the decision, probably to not let them—in other words, if this thing’s got to be complete or not. And I know that it’s not going to be right if they come up and get the watermelon and then have to go back to some other resigned area. So I’m at a point where, if there are no classmates, then maybe I offer all of this up to the Canadians. It’s not that I have done this yet. That’s the conundrum I’m placed in. And, of course, if I do that, I also know that, simultaneously, I probably have nowhere that makes sense for anyway that I am able to perceive myself, because I am inclined to perceive myself in relationship to my classmates.

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