Building to a Crescendo

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As we change and develop, we are confronted with the issue of how and when to express what has come to us as inner intelligence and knowing, when we know not all others have reached the same level of insight or even openness to such ideas. That is why it becomes important for us to hold the energetic essence of what has been come to and to allow others to find it in our radiation, rather than our words. Said another way, we have to live the change, rather than just sharing it as an intellectual construct. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Well, in the first dream, you’re doing something that others don’t follow through with, in terms of going along with what you do, even though it’s wonderful for you, and that is what it is.

And in the second dream, you’re trying to tell them things, and how that’s received is not your business, apparently. Because as you say, you don’t know if they understand it or they don’t understand it. You just know that your life experiences enable you to explain or say these things. And that where it goes from there is a whole another matter. And the dilemma that exists is, where does that leave one?

Well, in your dream, you’re not willing to admit that you’re estranged, because maybe that can come together. Maybe they get it and maybe they don’t.

In my dream, it’s like I’m seeing an opening to something that I hadn’t anticipated. And I don’t know what to make out of that opening, because it has nothing to do with how it is that I have been focusing my attention in terms of my classmates and where I belong in relationship to them.

The sense that I get is the whole thing is building as a kind of crescendo. Because you’re feeling that what you’re communicating in terms of life experiences can be received.

My dream is indicating that what it is that I am doing, in terms of my actions, is about something else, you know, appeals to something foreign to me. But not necessarily to that which I have been inclined to be paying attention to and of course it’s portrayed in terms of the conceptualizations that I might have as to where I belong.

And in my dream, where that is, my idea of where that is, is missing. And what it is that I had done as an energetic is able to be received by something that I would have never anticipated.

You know, it is said that every thought and every action has to act itself out. And is it possible that our thoughts and our actions are estranged in some fashion from the general experiences and recognition of life that people around us, that we’re familiar with, are able to readily take in? Some are, some aren’t. How does that work?

In your dream, you are okay with just jumping in the water. And you seem to be okay with trying to make the distinctions so that gets sorted out.

In my dream, what I am seeing, is that doing a process that doesn’t come together in terms of those who I am part of. And what is that all about? It comes together in terms of those who are foreign to me.

And we’ve had dreams that are talking about the different note. And from the perception of someone who is coming with a different schematic or a different note in their nature, a different approach, who am I to say from the perspective of that note or approach, that they are wrong and I am right?

They are right in relationship to what it is that they’re willing to take in. You know, from time to time there are those who don’t fit with how it is, the note is, in relationship to those life experiences. And do we have a right? I mean, it raises a lot of issues.

In your particular case, you’re feeling that there is a right to impart, in some capacity, to them, not knowing what they’ll get and what they won’t. And I believe that that’s the proper approach.

But you can’t impart something to someone who has made it plain and clear that they don’t want to hear it. In which case, do you sit in a situation, being yourself, when some people might be able to understand it and others cannot, or how is that going to work out?

We have been shown and have seen that there is a way of acting in a dynamic that is upon an entirely different level from that in which others are situated. And in that regard, consciousness is able to continue to unfold. And is that what is occurring with the Canadians, as opposed to those that I would have identified myself as being part of?

I also think that there is another underlying theme going on as well, in terms of consciousness, that has to do with how you work with the sight. Do you work with the sight from the standpoint of a perception that you seize, and you tease what you see, and all of that then works itself out? Or do you work with the perception, from how it strikes you in the moment, feeling that your idea of the moment is the correct idea, or not, trusting in something from another greater aspect of yourself?

Or do you work from the perception of things evolving to a point where they reach a kind of crescendo that becomes obvious to everyone? And then when it is obvious to everyone, that is when something can be sorted out? Otherwise, you’re just playing, going around, anesthetizing the perceptions, to where they are palpable or not palpable.

I mean, we need to shake ourselves out of whatever, however it is, that things are for us in order to grow. And that is going to create backlash and reverberations. It’s when that shaking out, it gets to the point where things get shot and stabbed, irreparably and purposefully. That is when the consciousness can’t break through or can’t progress.

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