A Different Path

PathIn this image, Jeane finds herself in the crosscurrents of new aspects in her life, and the return to older processes, between something stolen and something delivered. In these symbols we can see the nature of how we constantly try to balance and adjust on an inner level to every change that we make in life. The fact that dreams can give us an insight into that is a great advantage in aiding the process. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in my dream, it feels like I have a new boyfriend and he’s kind of a blonde guy. I’m younger. Everybody’s younger. I’ve decided I need to go back and work with Anthony, but I need to ease into it a bit. So I go down to find out where Anthony is at one of his classes and then I join the class.

And he’s having people run some relays, particularly when they’re getting ready to end the class. This guy I like, who’s kind of blonde, is there. And I’ve gone up behind him and just have my hand on his waist or something. Anthony has come up beside me and he kind of has his leg up on a bar there. So I kind of have one hand on his leg and one hand on the back of this guy, and Anthony is smiling because he sees I kind of like the guy.

Then I want to get a little more subtle than that, so I kind of move down to see what kind of exercises everybody is doing. And they’re going to be running a relay back. And I feel like I’m not up to racing yet, but I’ll get in line to kind of run in my place. And I watch people and they have kind of an odd way where they were zigzagging across the field and across another field, and then they’re going on home. It’s my first day, so I figure it’s not like I’m racing, but I will do a little jog back.

And I come back home and you’re there in your office and you told me that someone’s had his bicycle stolen. You’re kind of shaking your head. He said somebody just opened up the door of his place and just took the bicycle and left.

Meanwhile, I’ve noticed that the parcel postman has come to the front door and he’s delivering a package. I didn’t know about the package, so I’m kind of curious to see what’s been delivered. So I go over there to see what’s come.

Then the scene switches, and it’s like I see you on a street. And it’s like you’re pulling something.

John: So, every dream portrays a type of dynamic. What’s the energetic or dynamic behind it? It’s as if you’re shifting to do something that is being done with not quite the same mannerism as before. In other words, you’re taking a step back. You have to pace yourself into it, or however you want to explain it, but you’ve taken a step back in terms of how you’re working at this with a progression.

And so what’s this step back like? It’s as if something has been taken or is missing. Something is missing. Something subtle that’s important to experience is missing. Or, something new as an energetic is being reviewed or taken in. And that’s the idea of something in terms of your means of transportation, in terms of a perspective of looking at things, that it has created a tangent or something is lost, like the sense that something is stolen.

Well, this has kind of been the theme of yesterday too, where it was almost as if we have been shifted into having to take into account a different quality or a different note. And that that didn’t necessarily comport to our surroundings that we have been in and we’re having to handle that.

Also when I woke up this morning, it’s like I feel okay, but that doesn’t mean I am okay. You know, I could wake up and find out that something else is haywire in life, but I feel in general, okay. And I don’t know if the feeling okay that I have is based upon some sort of illusion or belief or mannerism that I’ve taken on that actually dumbs me down. I don’t know. But there’s the sense of something that can be imposed or a stigma as if I’m saying no to it. And there’s something about the way that I’m doing that, that is creating, I think, a problem, although I don’t see what the problem is. I’m actually kind of righteous about what I’m doing.

So I don’t have a dream associated with it, but then your dream seems to have its parallel, where it is showing that, in terms of mannerism, it’s showing that something is taken. Something has come in and has taken it. Whenever one develops a stigma, that’s kind of what happens.

Jeane: And then something else has been delivered.

John: Which that part is in keeping with the dream of yesterday, in which we’re shifted to something else. And whether that shifting or new note is appropriate or not, or it’s time for that to arrive, it’s coming in, whether one likes it or not.

And so you knew that it was some change or shift in the ethers or the design of things that was at play here. And so, to take and to try to look at something in a specific particularity, was not where it was at. And that the way of going back and trying to deal with things has a certain blandness to it that can no longer have the quality that it had before. You know, and that’s the part that involves the trainer.

And so the dreams are suggesting that we are on a slightly different approach or mannerism. Maybe we’re being dumbed down again, or something, because one can’t handle that acuity. The dreams are indicating something that requires a deeper step of heartfulness inside of us in order to function. And just accepting something if one can do it, no matter how it is, is the highest quality. But we’re struggling with that.

And as a consequence of not being able to accept something in the highest quality way, we are having dreams that are indicating, and your dream nailed it on the head, that it’s indicating that when you try to go back to something, you can’t quite go back to the way that it was, and so that you do some sort of modified jogging in place.

And then in this other aspect, where something is taken away in exchange for something else that opens up, that part kind of goes along with the dream the night before that indicates that one’s on a slightly different path, or note, or approach with this.

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