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bookelsWhat is the nature of our connections? In this image, we see how strings lead to small boats and then to larger boats. And so it is with our connections to higher (or lower) things: other energies always gather with things that vibrate in sympathy. That allows all things to communicate if they are resonant with one another. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: This image is like you’re walking down a street, kind of like someone does in a parade, except I just see you at this point. And behind you, in your hand, you have these strings that are attached to all of these little boats. They’re like toy boats, you know, they’re only about six inches big. And there’s just all these strings that have a toy boat or two on them, all these little toy boats.

And then the end of those strings are tugging this great big, huge boat down the road, almost like you’re in a parade. So there’s the huge boat, but there’s strings going to it that have these tiny little boats on it and it’s pulling that with one hand down the street.

John: So, there’s energetic to this. The connective force there, that links to all of these little things, how does that feel in relationship to the way that it’s linked to something big? How did that look or appear to you?

Jeane: Well, it’s just interesting that you could actually pull that. You don’t really even understand how all of these little tiny strings with these little boats on them pull this great big boat down the street. It’s kind of amazing.

John: What you’re describing is a sight of a type of connection. And so the connection works where you’re able to feel and identify with things in terms of the little boats. Once you develop an awareness to where you have an acuity that can extend out over little things, and you can be aware of those little things, that opens up something that then ties directly into the bigger picture.

The energetic you’re describing is the intertwined connection that we have, except you’re describing it as something that involves a connection to little things that then connects to something bigger.

This image is almost like an explanation. It’s as important, if not more important, than the dreams the night before in that those dreams indicated that something was different.

And in this dream, this almost becomes a culmination kind of dream where it points to something. It is an image of where this is going or what it leads up to. I call it stigmas and stuff that one gets connected to and can’t shake. The thing is the dream is indicating that the connections to the little things, those little things are connected to something much bigger. That actually is a wonderful image.

What I was afraid of is that you were going to have the connection to the little things, and that was going to be rationalized. And then you were also then going to have strings that connected to the big thing that was separate from the little things. And that would have been a disconcerting image.

But instead you had connections to the little strings/tentacles that extended, intertwinings that extended, that connected to the little things and the little things connected to something much bigger. That’s a wonderful image. And it shows that there is a work in process that’s unfolding, that is wonderful.

I feel that that is the quality inside of myself, as well. However, I always question that, because to the degree that one is having to contend with the little idiosyncrasies and particularities where stigmas and deviations and whatnot exist that can interfere with the connection to the bigger picture, that there seems to be some reactive catharsis going on.

You know, when I was talking earlier about, you know, being able to point out some of this stuff because I see the intertwinings. And it’s a type of sensitivity. And when you get to this type of sensitivity, to where you perceive that, there’s all kinds of dangers that open up in regards to it, because you have to be sensitive. It’s required. It’s part of the process. But you also have to know how to handle and conduct that because when you’re sensitive like this, you can make changes and do things and affect things and influence things, even with your thoughts.

It’s a kind of linkage that is more penetrative than one necessarily realizes. This is a huge, huge dilemma. A lot of people when they reach this particular point, don’t go any further and they pull off to one side. Because it’s almost as if the sensitivity of awareness is such that it would impact things. And rather interesting even though it’s not necessarily noted and noticeable.

And so we’re at this very unusual and strange acuity. And now, oddly enough, it scares me to think, that I recognize the process of the teacher through the student. And when I ponder and look at the process of the teacher through the student, you know, it creates another kind of sensitivity that can make trouble for me. As you were seeing in your vision image inside of yourself, that you don’t want to disturb. You want to be able to have those intertwined connections that go to the little toys, and from the little toys could then connect to the big toy or the big thing in terms of it all.

And to do that, you don’t see directly to the big toy. You have a sense of it. You’re intertwining and the workings towards that are through the tentacles of the little toys, that then twine out and pull the big toy. That’s a very important image. The image is an action image that is there to suggest a way of being.

So the human nature tendency is to reveal all and to tell all. And to the degree that they do that, they break that intertwining to the little toys that then lead to the big toys. They break that. It takes this thing into a malaise, a gossip, or something strange.

And behind all of that is the intertwining that’s important. The magic that’s important, that’s unique to their paths and their process, that then has them connecting with something big that’s important. But when they take and they fitter and futter with the particularities of things, then that tends to blur out the sight to the big toy. It’s not that you don’t have a sense of it, you just can’t catch up with the sight of it. So, this is an important image.

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