A Vibratory Template

frequency-vibration_Everything vibrates at a certain frequency, and things of similar frequency can be drawn together. So perhaps it is our challenge to make changes in our life, in terms of our thoughts, intentions, and actions, that will allow us to vibrate at universal frequencies, rather than, say, career and money as primary (self) interests. In the universe, everything is in service to everything else, so that might be a good place to begin. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the next dream, I seem to live in this several story apartment building. I’m friends with someone that’s part of a family on a level or so above me, and it’s an older kind of building.

What I remember about this dream is I have an apprehension about something that’s going to occur. It’s almost like a monster is going to come into the building and consume people. And so I want to get my friend out of the apartment they’re in, so the monster won’t go in and consume them. But I can’t get anybody to take me seriously, and I can’t get them to come out and I can’t figure out anything that will make them come out so they won’t be there when this thing comes in and starts to consume people, because it’s almost like no one will believe me.

I don’t know what to do about that because you can’t make someone come out. And everybody’s just going around doing whatever mundane thing they’re doing, but they’re staying in. And I don’t know how to get my friend out of there. It doesn’t feel safe to be in your place. It feels like you need to be out of it.

John: This is in between again, too. The thing that you’re not describing that I look at at the very beginning, and it sets the template of the dreams, but then the dreams progress from it. The template is supposedly so simple that in the apparent dreamworld that we’re in, it’s not—although I thought it was profound—it’s taken as a given.

So, the given that exists is that there is a vibration that one can experience and does experience inside all the time on some level, that creates a level of satisfaction or soothing. And when you’re in sync with that, no matter what happens in the outer, you’re in a flow. That’s the principle behind the vibration of the dhikr. It’s the principle upon being totally, totally natural. If you’re totally, totally natural, you don’t dwell on why something happens this way or happens that way. So, that’s the template that you work with.

But who maintains the template?

So, what happens is, supposedly you know that template and then, when you’re not maintaining that template, and things are happening in life, and you’re suffering, and you’re going through a pain, it’s because you’re making something out of the outer, important. You’re not holding to the naturalness of a flow. You’re not holding onto the overall vibratory template.

And when you hold on to that template, everything is in a surrendered state. You hold to that vibration and everything that you do is in accordance with that vibration. And it’s not in accordance to your thoughts and ideas and mannerisms. It’s not associated with the reflective events in the outer. You don’t base your decisions on the reflective events of the outer. You base your decision on the basis of what holds on to that vibratory template, of a naturalness that keeps you flowing at ease inside of yourself. So that’s something that you understand at a deep, deep, deep level in your being.

So, then when you understand that at a deep, deep level in your being, you’re able to then look around and you’re able to see other parts of the parts of life that, when things happen, are going to be suffering. If you can take and incorporate them into this template, that you know about, or in other words, get them out of the scenario, they won’t be subject to the despair when it hits.

Now, this template is deemed—that’s what’s so funny about the way you’re dreaming—the template is the underlying. It’s what sets the table to everything in life, is holding this central vibration, in which everything in the outer is reflective and insignificant to the degree that you buy into something in the outer that takes you outside of this vibratory quality, is the degree to which you’re going to suffer.

When you hold this template, which is the given, then you can know from that, then you can sense from that, what detours from it and causes then a pain or an anguish to occur in terms of the surroundings in the outer.

Those who are caught in the surroundings of the outer and can’t hold that template, it’s like you can show a compassion towards them, and perhaps you can assist them, or that part of yourself.

Because in this template is about creativity, too: the ushering in of a change or a transition. And when you hold the template and the flow and the vibration of the template, you are holding on to and in tune with an attention upon the will that is destined to unfold. And as you hold onto this will, what unfolds in the outer is kind of a type of knowingness in relationship to the template and you kind of go along and you’re able to act in accordance. You don’t get any of your own notionality.

When you don’t have your own notions getting in the way, because you’re holding on to this central vibration that permeates through everything that exists, and it permeates from some inner depth level, when you hold onto that, then the things that you can see, that you can infinitesimally look at, as if you might go tangential, you can see the pain of that, of wavering from the template. So, you’re able to co-create in that sense. Because the images that reflect from this template for you, in terms of how they are taken in, are different when you’re in the vibratory wholeness or completeness.

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