What Is Already Within

universal-forceAs humans, we are so much more than we commonly believe – or are taught to believe. Yet the universe and the world around us are constantly trying to make deeper connections with us – it’s part of our role in the ecology of life here. Often what is discovered is already within us – that’s why it is so often referred to as awakening. We all have a desire to connect with our creator, it’s in our DNA. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my very earliest dream, it’s like I’ve gone to an outdoor fashion show and the women are wearing these clothes that have a little different kind of flare and cut to them, and I really love the designs painted on them. So even though I don’t necessarily need clothes, I’m thinking I want to get some of these.

But my parents have a clothing store and some of these clothes will be shown at their store, the ones that didn’t sell, or just some of them will be carried at the store. So I wait until I talk with my parents and then after I’ve talked with them, I go and look at the racks at their store where these clothes have been hung after the show, to pick out some clothes.

At first I’m conservative and I just pick out a couple of pieces I need, but then I keep thinking about how there were certain pieces I saw when I tried them on, I really loved the design or I loved the flare or the color. It’s just a different cut than you normally see. I don’t see those pieces I liked right away, so I walk around to the back of the clothing racks and find them kind of tucked in in the back and then I pick out the pieces that I need.

And in some ways I’m feeling kind of ambivalent because I feel like I’m getting even more than I need, but at the same time I’m getting something that is different. And so it’s like to resolve that ambivalency in a way, I decide I’ll try them on for my folks.

And that’s all I remember of that dream, other than at one point going into their store and finding some part of it had been remodeled, so that I couldn’t find things like I used to. Maybe it was even being owned by somebody else.

John: The dream starts off with you being in the outer, looking for that which touches you or affects you in a particular way that is important in terms of, well, you’re using the element of clothes, however—how you’re dressed, in terms of an element of yourself—and you, just in being in life, find that there is a quality about manifestation that echoes to something that is meaningful. And you’re able to notice that. You’re able to allow yourself to look more deeply towards that, just in terms of natural unfoldment.

Then you realize that you actually have a deeper connection to this that is more or less part of your background, or how it is that you find yourself, you know, born into, or basically this is with inside of yourself a certain kind of—you already have something that is already there to reach or to approach.

So, the first part of the dream awakens you to recognizing the importance of this quality, or this note, or this vibration. And then, amazingly enough, your ability to recognize that is based upon it being somehow part of your being already. It’s not like it’s a brand new thing, because you have the resource within. And so from what has been quickened as a need in the outer, you’re able then to go and find the correspondence, the parallel, the reflection. It’s almost not really a reflection, but is real as the vibratory note inside of yourself.

And as you do that, you realize that it has changed. It has expanded. It is much more than what it had ever been before.

So the theme of the dreaming is about the importance of something that’s a singular thing that resonates. And the difference between my dreaming and your dreaming is first of all, I dreamt it as something that permeates out over the whole. And then that you can come to know the vibration of that which is sitting in the whole.

In your particular case, you already know the vibration. In my particular case, that vibration is becoming loud and clear. So for me, the process is to take and live that vibration through or out or into something, into life, or is putting it into action.

In your particular case, you already embody it. You go out into the world and see what is needed, and that need corresponds back to what not only what you embody, but even more than you realized. So in one case, in my way of dreaming, I’m coming closer to it, and you’re more natural in it.

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