Nothing Is Insignificant

A201It can seem amazing sometimes, when we look back on the path we have taken in our lives, to see how certain episodes make perfect sense in hindsight because they supplied us with the missing pieces that played a greater role later on. That idea isn’t just about job skills or the understanding of relationships, but also in the energetic levels of our life. Everything is first and foremost an energy, and all our worldly interactions give us useful experiences that can become integral to our further journey. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Seems I had like three dreams. In the second dream, it’s like I’ve gone back and I’m visiting where I used to work. In the dream level, it’s actually very different than anywhere in the world.

On the dream level, it’s like a therapist that I knew and liked is moving into the office I moved out of. So I go to visit her and her office is actually a large room she is sharing with a man who’s there, and I’m looking at how they have their furniture arranged in terms of their desk and where clients would sit. And I feel like they have it kind of have it at the wrong angle, so that when they’re both there and they both have a client, I don’t know how they’re going to have enough space or privacy with these two rooms that are kind of adjoining rooms. It’s similar to like a large room they’re breaking up with furniture.

And so I’m studying their whole arrangement and even maybe make a suggestion even though it’s no longer my business, but how they could arrange it, so that when they both have a client in there it’s working better. But I just have to back off of that, because that’s up to them how they arrange it now, since it’s no longer my office.

And then, as I approach the man, I find out that he also speaks French. And he’s very interested in my being involved with me in organizing some large event, and it would include people who are French-speaking. At first I kind of back off, because I’ve retired now, you know, so I don’t really want to be busy and do seminars and stuff anymore.

But he must have got me, because the next scene is I’m at this very large conference center. It’s just a huge audience and it’s obviously the end of the conference that we had, and he’s there. And he’s thanking the people that organized it, and he’s thanked this man that was with me, and now he wants me to stand up and get acknowledged. And when I stand up, he comes over and gives me a little hug, and he’s going to give me a kiss, but we know when this guy kisses somebody, he kisses them for a long time. So he’s going to wait and kiss me later and I’m probably trying to avoid that.

And then I’m kind of looking out over how large the audience is. And then I’m thinking that I have to meet him later with the other people, so that the organizers can split up how all the finances went for the conference and send everybody’s check out. And it feels like I have to go to his apartment where he and his wife are, someone to do that, and that’s kind of when that dream ends.

John: Before all the distraction, the important part was, or the part that indicated that something was new, in this particular dream, what has happened is you have gone into doing something, perhaps maybe even unbeknownst to its importance at some point in time in your life. In other words, you used to do this sort of thing and so you kind of have a natural sense of how it’s to be done.

And in a way, you know, a person once they do something, kind of like points it out-of-sight and out-of-mind and attempts to move on – as if whatever it was that they had done is in the past and that everything has changed – but there was something important about the energetic and the vibration in terms of what was done that is meant to aim and open up to something so much more.

So you come back with some hints and some clues, because to begin with, when you initially did it, you just did it. You didn’t think anything of it, but you gained a certain understanding by just doing it. So when you come back and look at how something is being done now in terms of the process, you actually have some insight that you didn’t realize that you had. And that insight is an energetic note or quality about it that can take in and make that which is meant to be come clearer, and to the point even more. And that you’re never really done with it once you have connected and found that energetic note, even though you found it in kind of an outward way, to the point that you didn’t actually notice it hardly. It just kind of unfolded.

Now when you come back to that, you realize that it’s more than something that’s just unfolded. That you have to live with, that you have to bring it through, that you have to, you know, you cannot just walk or step or close the book to this awareness that you opened up to your surprise and that you embody and carry.

Now, where the dream gets confusing is whenever you come to know something, you also come to invoke more energy. And when you invoke more energy, there can be a distraction or something that clouds or veils what is meant to occur or can occur.

And, in this particular case, the first part was what was important because it points out that you have access to something that is extremely relevant and needed, and that you know more than what you realized that you know, and that you can live that and demonstrate that. And it’s not as insignificant as you would maybe, per chance, be inclined to think where you would just say okay, that’s in the past. That you now have something to offer.

But in that making something to offer, you get into a distraction in terms of the kundalini energy, in terms of outward kundalini energy, instead of the inward kundalini energy that evokes something from within and brings and holds the note forward into life. You just start going into the abstraction of that because that sort of thing awakens simultaneously with the process of an awareness. And that, as it awakens simultaneously, threatens to affect the focus and attention and the clarity of what was occurring.

You run the risk of mixing a denser energetic in with the subtler energetic and thereby blurring out or obliterating the importance of the subtler energetic that has you able to be just natural and aware of far more than you realize.

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