The Unfoldment Moment

spiral-550Ultimately, spiritual development always comes down to the difference between intellectually “knowing” or understanding something about life and the universe, and actually living what such a knowing might point us toward. In other words, we can’t “be in the moment” if we are constantly letting what happened yesterday, and our biases about tomorrow, guide what we’re doing right now. Then it comes down to the issue of whether we really do trust the universe to guide us, or not? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The other dreams that I have, other than the meditation dream, all tend to correspond a lot with what you have. But the meditation dream seems to set the tempo of things again and it seems to run a pattern and a parallel. Seems to be a shift that I have to make as I meditate, so that this other is able to come through.

And so in the meditation dream, I see that when I catch up to all the energetic conditions of the outer, I realize that everything that is going on in life affects me. That I can’t ignore anything. That everything has a meaningfulness. So I’ve come to realize that whatever there is going on in life, that I am part of it energetically. I may have a mannerism where I may not like it, but it is what it is. I’m part of everything.

So, this is a realization. I’m able to realize that I am part of everything in the whole. I’m able to realize that and I’m able to denote that and I’m actually able to see that as a type of stillness in myself. Being able to see this as a stillness inside yourself is easier than realizing, and working with that, and being in tune with that, as you go through the flow of life.

So, it’s one thing to take and go inside and note it, but this whole thing has to go and be recognized and carried and maintained and sustained as you flow through life.

The flow or action in life is portrayed as an energetic and it uses a cookie as the symbolic effect of something that creates and draws an attention that leads to an action – and how does that intertwine with how something is, how that energetically fits as part of a deeper quality?

So, the cookie affects me in an action-oriented and flow way. It requires me to be steadily making instantaneous decisions as I flow through life. In other words, do I eat a cookie? Do I not eat a cookie? Do I enjoy the cookie? Do I settle back? Do I have another cookie?

All of that can be kind of a distraction to whatever it is that you might be trying to do, or needing to notice, that is also part of life. The cookie is part of it, too, and it has to be intertwined, so that you don’t lose the central note and whatnot. The recognition that everything that is going on has an effect upon the whole. And I can realize and recognize that in my quietness, in kind of that emptiness or the silence or the stillness, but can I recognize that in the flow of things? Where you’ve got a cookie happening and you’ve got this happening and that happening? Do you get off the flow at those points in time, or do you know how to factor that in to the whole consequential, singular vibration?

So, I’m able to embrace the conceptualization of how it is within. I’m able to recognize that in an emptiness or in a stillness. But in the outer, but doing so when the unfoldment flow is all about, is another thing.

So, it can become easy to let go of the inner awareness and try to affect the flow personally. Have the cookie. Enjoy the cookie, or whatever. In other words, it’s one thing to have the inner essence experience, it’s another thing to live it.

So I see this in the dream by being first very still in my nature. In other words, if I’m very still, I can see that I actually somehow know that there is this singular note that permeates through everything. And I can see it and I can accept it. I then have to deal with the flow that is all about me. In other words, coming into an aspect that has action to it, which is what you have when you come into manifestation. And I have to realize that the illusion of the outer is a whole other thing if I am not properly attentive to the one thing, and one thing only, that is affecting energetically in manifestation every appearance.

And finally, there is the challenge of recognizing the flow action in manifestation that is putting it together with the realized quiet all-inclusiveness I am in, from within. That is the quiet inner self. In other words, to have and carry and embrace both, so that one doesn’t blot out the other. Because if you can, then you’re able to be at peace and in a happiness in the ever unfoldment moment known as life.

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