Harboring Energy

Energy_HealIt’s likely we’ve all experienced how interactions unfold with other people and, afterward, we know that how we were in that moment made a big difference in the outcome – for good or for bad. We may explain it by how happy, or sad, or tired we felt, but those are also descriptions of an energetic state within us. And our internal energetic state either resonates (in similarity) with another person’s, or the energies are too far apart to come together. With development, we can learn how to vibrate at higher frequencies, allowing us to have a greater effect on our surroundings. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the next dream, I find myself having to deal with whether something has changed or not, and also there’s the decision of whether I step back from that process and change. You can note it, but you can also step back from it. You can also kind of pull back. It’s kind of a type of saying no to it.

And so what is happening is a father, not necessarily my father, goes into an area, up a lane or into a place in life, to see what is happening, while I wait to see what the result is.

I feel something in my nature as to what is important, but you know, you can’t do it all and it has to come across and it has to permeate outward. And in this regard, the father is going in to check to see if something, how that is happening in other words, as part of the permeating out into the environment.

And on one level in which things permeate out, they kind of permeate out in terms of those that have some sort of intertwined connection that’s more close with you, that can then take the vibration out, and extend out in terms of flowing into the whole.

So, there comes a point where I go into the countryside to see how things are going. The road is called Farm to Market Road and I come to the place where the father’s coming out. And he gives the sign that it is over, that he was unsuccessful. He isn’t able to rescue whatever it was that he went back to touch or catch up with.

So, I shake my head in acknowledgement. In fact, I even wonder about the way one shakes the head. The intent of shaking the head was one of “oh, that’s too bad,” but it could have been a type of shaking one’s head where you don’t necessarily accept defeat like this. Because I go up the road now.

And the dream ends with me being at the end of a gun, as if I am to be executed, but at the last minute—it’s like a shotgun where it breaks down and you put the shells in—at the last minute, the person un-cocks it like that. He just cracks it open, indicating that there’s a standing down.

Something about the inner into the outer must have apparently got his attention or got through. Or in the meaning, in the dream, I am harboring the energy of change within that effuses outwardly and seems to make a difference.

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