Sustaining the Process

spiritual-developmentWe’ve danced around this idea a lot lately, and here’s another way of saying it: one of the most crucial aspects of spiritual development is the consistency we have with it. It’s much easier to soar to the heights now and then than it is to maintain our connections to our higher self through all the things we do, important or menial. But, of course, in terms of connection, it is the consistency that will give us the intelligences and the knowings that we seek. We can’t forget that it is higher energy that develops us – we can’t do it by ourselves. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the next dream, I find myself on a back—this is where one goes back and forth a little bit. Similar to your dream, where you were kind of naturally doing something and then all of a sudden, you know, you feel that you’ve moved on from what you naturally did. Now all of a sudden, you’re back into where your attention is being drawn back out and you realize that you can make a difference. But then you have to fight the kundalini energy that is dense yet, that can blur that out.

The aspect where I’m just going through life and don’t realize what I’m doing, which is where the very first part of your dream comes into play here, in which I find myself kind of seeing that I just happen to line up along a back line. And anyone who stands along this back line, as other people come out, gets assigned to you, as if you’re leading or helping to conduct a team, an energetic team.

Well, this just seemed to accidentally happen. It wasn’t any part of any plan. It just worked out that way. And I don’t know what came of this focus of energy. The dream just kind of just shifts to now just like you did your job, but all of a sudden you’re back. And maybe you can advise something in some energetic way. Because this is what this is like. In the next phase of the process, I’ve arrived again at this area where something needs to be done. And I’ve just arrived as if I’m part of the masses again, you know. I’m ready to be placed wherever I need to be placed.

And a woman who had been involved in this whole thing where people had been brought out there and then got sorted out. In other words, she tends to bring everyone that then gets segregated to where they belong, says to me, “Start the energetic again and take the same place along the line as you had before.”

In other words, whether she quite says that or just her motion causes me to recognize that, because I suddenly realize I’m back at the back line and everything is open in front of me. It’s like I was before, only before it was just by accident. This time, I’m directed. And when she says that, that is when I suddenly notice that I have a focus and attention with a confidence behind it that others could benefit. Until I was repositioned to where I had been before, I didn’t notice this and was willing to let things be.

And the meaning is that I recognize the focus and attention to what is needed when I’m placed into the situation where that is needed.

And so I had the first part of your dream. I don’t have the peculiarity that undermines it, like what you had. But I had the first part, where to begin with, you noted something in life and then the difference is you had a more direct awareness of the depth of that sitting inside of yourself that you could connect to and that you could go to, to enable yourself to sort something out.

In my particular case, I get placed in it and then when I’m placed in it, I feel the vibration of it, but I don’t necessarily have the wholeness of it that you carry. But in your wholeness, you have this deviation-confusion thing bouncing around that can veil it.

And so, to make sure that one understands there’s a kundalini energy behind it all, so that I could understand your dreams, this last dream does that. And in this dream, the scenario I come before, involves coming into a scenario where the actual kundalini flow of energy is dormant to begin with. Although it’s dormant in terms of what I see in the outer, it’s like it needs shaking or awakening because it’s dull or amnesic or something in the outer. And I feel the change within myself that needs to awaken. And it’s like it’s emanating out of me, but it’s not reciprocating from anything in the environment.

So, this quiet energetic inside of me hits an outer that is too dense or asleep to take it in. To fix that, I am told that something can be done to break through the barrier. And a suggestion is made as to what can be done and I agree with the suggestion. The kundalini energy is represented now by a penis and it’s a penis of another that doesn’t seem to have the aliveness that is required. So I am told that by shaving things down, like you have that little lip rim, by shaving that down, change is possible and you can do this at a point where it’s bearable. It makes sense. It doesn’t seem like there’s going to be a lot of pain or anything associated with that.

But what I see is that when this was filed down, that this was just the beginning and at some point, things have to be speeded up. And so a knife is used to cut right into it. And the pain, you know, this very thing, just seeing this, it’s almost as if it’s happening to me, the pain is almost unbearable. Even though this extended as a process from me to another and in the dream, it’s like it’s not done to me. It’s like, however I am, I can’t seem to make a connection to the other to awaken it. This is the answer to awaken it so that it can hear it. So it seems to be done to another as part of the process. But I seemed to experience the pain as if it was actually occurring to me.

And the meaning is, upon experiencing what is real, I surrender to whatever it takes to sustain the process.

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