Staying Within

inner-light-2No matter how developed we feel in ourselves, it is always curious to observe how we react or respond when stressful situations arise. Because when we are under duress, that is when we usually resort to our “fall-back” positions, and we react from old prints and psychologies rather than from our more recent developed state. There’s no avoiding it, but we should remember, in those moments, that the real solutions lie within us, and are not found in the external world. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And so in the dream I had in the morning, and I had lots of images and dreams that were like delirious. One of them I even motioned for you to come into the bathroom, as I proceeded to show you that I was trying to throw up, but I couldn’t. And with that, therefore, I was afflicted, but can’t seem to throw it off, throw it out.

There was that image, which is an interesting image that I probably should have written up because behind that indicates that I’m under a type of stress that I’m not able to get to the bottom of.

And then in this dream, I find myself in this large, overall business, which is spread out over an area that is more extensive than where I tend to come and go. In other words, lots of departments or whatever, attached to this and I just tend to stay in my area.

But something has come up and I need to find an individual named Telrod who’s a kind of a business type person, who also tends to move about and have a general sense of overallness of things.

So, I go from where I’m at, the department or where it is that I’m basically centered, to other areas in this large office building. I go to an outer fringe area, where there actually is another business that I inadvertently come next to, and I realize, “No, I’ve got to stay within.” You know, Telrod, if he’s around, is going to be within the network of this overall system that I’m part of.

So, I reach this outlying area where all of a sudden there are attendants, who function as medics, that extend from this place and go out in the field to help or assist. And there are like four of them all of a sudden. To me, that bothers me because they should be doing something. But I don’t notice this, that I’m bothered right away. I just mention I’m looking for Telrod and one of them says, “We are busy saving lives,” as if they have no time to pay attention to where Telrod is at.

This is her response. And that response caused me to realize that I’m in a company that does not have good cost controls. There’s no one overseeing things. And when it’s slow like this, you can’t have people standing around without something to do.

The meaning is the dream is pointing out that I have a blindside when it comes to the overall health of the environment that I am in.

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