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We’ve all heard about the Law of Attraction, and there’s truth in it because like is always attracted to like, meaning similar frequencies will resonate together, like tuning forks do. But, of course, what we radiate energetically is a product of our processes as a whole; i.e., we may hit great heights momentarily, but where do we vibrate on average? That is the energy with which we interact with the world, and which can effect how things unfold for us. Development helps us to continually raise our average. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the meditation dream, I am of the opinion that life is unfolding better than how it would ordinarily be. I’m seeing that about and around in my outer manifestation. I can see how it works out, how things are going and happening for others, and sometimes you feel bad about that, but for me it seems like everything is in a different octave. It’s okay; it’s better.

So, at first, it’s just a supposition based upon the awareness of what I’m seeing around me. But after a while, I am convinced that I am experiencing life without the usual tribulations that others have. Somehow or another, I don’t get hit in quite the same way. I don’t have the same struggles.

So, I start to wonder why that is or about that. And the way I wonder is I imagine myself to be energetically in circumstances that correspond more to this other way in which things unfold. I project and put myself in other people’s shoes. And when I put myself in other people’s shoes, I have to feel the vibration that they are walking around feeling, as opposed to the vibration I’m walking around feeling.

And when I do this, this creates, to some degree, a credence to the patterns. The fact that people shape and affect the surroundings. It’s not complete because some people have other aspects of grace that are given to them, you know, because their process is slightly different. But by and large, in terms of the central theme of the energy, the main note of the energy, I’m starting to see how important it is to be in a cadence.

I’m still sensing that there’s still something intangible that is enabling me to get the break now more than usual. So how do I explain this?

Well, the distinction is that I am carrying myself on a vibrational level differently. I am experiencing life with a more wholesome nature. Consequently, because the outer is reflective, I’m taking in or shaping or images come to me that are more in line with the condition I am in.

There’s a person who’s angry and upset, seems to have an angry and upset scenario of events that reflect outwardly. So it’s really important how it is that you find the octave inside of yourself. If I am more despairing or carry more of a demeanor of defeatism, the way life would reflect back to me would put me more in tune with those kinds of scenarios, as being a condition that I’ve created.

To answer the question for why it is that I am perceiving things with a different flavor and flair than others is because I’m connecting to an inner vibratory note within my being where this other is not being purposely traumatized. We do this to ourself. I experienced this going back and forth, with things being denied, withheld, various challenges and obstacles to finding one’s self and needing to adhere to this.

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