In the Vibration

vibration-of-love1Let’s assume we mostly live disconnected lives, meaning disconnected from the purposes and processes of creation. Could it be just that that brings such randomness to events in our lives? Because we have all had the experience, for brief moments, when things flow for us, and everything falls into place. There’s an ease to it, and nothing is random. Being energetically connected to higher processes puts us back into that flow. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I dreamt about a preexisting, vibratory rite that I must trust and follow. When I experience it as prevailing in a scenario, I must honor and abide by this and not hold on to what I decide is important as an expectation.

I am shown that when I am in the vibration, what I need is provided and more.

In the dream, I see myself come abreast or into the intensity of a scenario, in which something is required but I find myself a bit short in that regard.

Then I find through the vibration the outer reflections that are needed. So I not only tie in with that that gets me to where I need to go, but because I’ve created the vibe that causes other reflections all around me to be in support, something goes even more over the top in that another person, who had hit some jackpot, has winnings he just offers to me to also apply.

The important thing is that the heart feels full and there is an all-pervading confidence when I am in this state. I just need to be in touch with things in this energetic, and not to some projection in the outer that is reflecting a desire or mannerism where I’m deviated in my own personal motif.

The process is to start with a desire, however. Refine it to the will impulse, and go from there even, to the Will, which is the divine essence.

When I am able to do that, I am able to be in sync with how it is I am to be in manifestation.

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