Creating the Motion

12It’s lazy for us to think that we are one gender only: both genders have a balance of masculine and feminine within, each sex having its dominant tendency. So for a human to be in a personal state of balance requires access to both gender traits in themselves, because each one has a role to play. In this dream image, the inner relationship between masculine and feminine is explored, with the ultimate goal being greater access to the deeper aspects of oneself. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Both of my dreams seemed to take place in olden times. In the first dream, I’m back in a time when there were actors, men played all the roles, but now and then maybe a woman would disguise or play herself and then play a role, but it wasn’t really allowed.

I’m staying in—I guess I would almost think of it as some kind of a guild house or something like you could stay in different houses that were maybe associated with a trade. And my stay there is a little tenuous and I’m trying to go someplace else in the city, almost like beyond where I can sometimes have access.

And I’m seeing about trying to get into this large building, and people are walking through and see what they can see in different rooms and artwork and things. And then there’s a man that is also kind of being rousted out right then, I notice, because he’s losing his place to stay. I don’t know what he’s done. But I’m talking with him because maybe he can come and stay at the place where I’m staying, but it’s still tenuous because I recognize both he and I are trying to get into these other rooms. And I even go into one of them and, you know, there’s different artwork, there’s different things there, and I keep trying to get access further in there but I don’t know if I can.

John: Well, that dream helps explain what’s going on in my dreams, because I’m doing the opposite, but the same energetic motif.

What you’re doing in this dream is you’re being challenged to come out of your normal, laid-back, overall mannerism, that the feminine has, to take things into a wholeness and just sit in that wholeness and unfold, or be natural, in terms of how it is that you sit in kind of a center of inner knowingness in life.

It tends to be the masculine’s role to take and probe out and ponder out and flip flop and do this, that, and the other in relationship to his natural nature or being. In doing that, the masculine has the problem of being in sync with the naturalness of the wholeness of things, because the ideas can tend to be this way or that way.

What you’re being challenged to do is to come out of this overall wholeness that you carry and allow the masculine insight that sits harbored in kind of a subjective way inside of you, to allow that to come into action. You’re replacing and you’re supplanting and you’re doing things in the dream, and you’re being pressed to consider doing things in the dream, as if part of you needs to now come into its own. And it’s a masculine quality trait.

This is not in keeping with how you see yourself, how you conducted yourself. You tend to hold onto a more subjective state or quality. You’re being inclined to having to consider that you can step out more.

It’s as if the masculine is not doing its job in some fashion, probably because maybe it still needs to get further aligned or something about things. And yet you apparently have a good enough general, overall centering of things in terms of the subjective that you can now come from that, and act and project yourself forward in some fashion in terms of what can be done or should be done or needs to be done or whatever. In other words, create the motion that the masculine creates, that’s more objective of things.

Your dream suggests this in a couple of ways. It points out that there is something about the masculine that’s not doing its job, and that you’re able to replace that. And then it has you taking and working hand-in-hand with the masculine in some regard.

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