Space Shapes Everything

Julian Baum

As we’ve spoken about, we all have a balance of masculine and feminine within us. And each gender has a skill set that can be more appropriate for different times and circumstances. In this dream, John is shown how taking into account the whole of the situation – rather than focusing on one aspect – is a better way to proceed. And incorporating the whole of things is a feminine attribute. As with any tool we have at our disposal, it’s smart to use the best one for the job. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my meditation dream, I’m presented with a scenario in which, at the end, what remains is stronger than ever. But the thing about this stronger than ever is I do not seem to be okay with this net effect. Apparently, I was expecting it to unfold or something to take place or the result to be somehow different.

So I’m spending hours in my meditation sleep trying to reconcile how after all of what has been going on, in terms of the paths and the process, what happened that it got this way. Finally, after all of the inner antics, I think I now know what’s the underlying energetic effected manifestation that is unfolding to my shock and surprise.

I’m trying to find something that makes sense that corresponds with this image that I see inside and that it would correspond in an outer way. Because, you know, you see something inside and what I see as a result is something that I had never taken into account, and it’s got twice the magnitude that it would normally have, and I wouldn’t accept it even at half the magnitude because it’s not something I’d anticipated or thought of. And yet it kind of is, but somehow or another I guess I expected it to be different. And so not really did I expect it to be differently either. It’s just that, I guess, maybe I had blodged it out because of it being maybe a bit much to take in. One does those sort of things in defense mechanisms, too. It’s causing me to recognize that something is in motion.

So from this that identifies that something is in motion in a particular way, what is there about this motion that I need to catch up with? Is there something? The next dream deals with that.

I am inclined to see that there is a type of consequence or result in the wholeness of things that I need to attend to and hold onto and be connected to and even speed up to, recognizing that it’s that way, as opposed to maybe how I would be inclined to want to imagine it to be.

Or, and this is where the dream is tricky, or is it the opposite? But it’s one or the other. So, in other words, it’s not in the middle.

In an outer context, the reflections are suggesting that there has been a speeding up of the energy in the area I am looking at inside of myself. This is the sense of this next dream I’m having. It is as if I am being challenged to keep up with the flow.

My inclination is to be measured in my approach, but the changes are suggesting that this is holding back too much. And the dream is suggesting this as well. The vibration is suggesting it and the dream is suggesting it. Because in the dream, a journey is laid out that covers the distance of a little over 700 miles or something, actually something that you could do in one day, but the person who drove this apparently took his good old time and took maybe a couple of days to do it.

So, in the dream, I’m being questioned about that and why it was that this person took so much time to cover the distance. I find myself saying that some people are like this. They try to approach things in a more casual way. But at the same time I’m saying this, I’m having to look at the fact that I’m not like that. But this is how a lot of people are. And maybe because I might be acting a little bit like that, I’m being questioned and challenged, as if something inside of myself wants to push out more.

The scenario is that I am observing in terms of changes that are occurring in the world around me, that I’m settling into those changes with a kind of relaxation. And before I was not relaxed. I was always on edge because this stuff is tenuous. It could go either way. And now something has announced itself in a kind of a direction that isn’t putting heavy pressure upon myself.

So a lot of this could be my synapses that are still like they are, you know, very acute to things, that keeps me maybe hypertensive and overly reactive. It needs to learn how to settle back more. And this sort of dream, flipping things around, challenging it, and pushing it out there in another way, could also have this kind of meaning looking at it in the opposite direction, too. Because there’s something about the value of the opposite direction that is meaningful that I seem to have a need to be in balance with as well. So, it’s very complicated dreaming.

Basically, I think what one would say about your dreaming and my dreaming is that we’re kind of pushed out on a limb a bit with it. And it’s kind of like some sorting out and such needs to happen, because the evolvement that’s afoot is not in as comfortable of ground as we’re used to it being.

And our ideas about how to do this or how to do that can actually tend to be a bit of a problem. I’m being questioned and challenged to hold a space. In other words, instead of necessarily being shotgun reactive, to hold the quality of a space, because when I hold the quality of a space, which is more of the feminine nature, that that may be more what is needed at this point in time as things continue to unfold – because that space shapes everything. The reactions, and the firing off from that, tend to keep it from constellating in the way that it can constellate in terms of a holding of an overallness. So that could be part of it all too.

It’s very complicated dreaming because the schematic that’s being thrown out there is not something that we’ve conducted ourself with a lot of attention towards very well. You mostly maintaining a certain quality that’s natural to your nature and catching up with the depth of that; and I’ve been kind of more on a what I’m labeled to be as kind of overly masculine in terms of my approach that jumps into things. And maybe both of them are being asked to do something slightly differently in order so the effect is more crystalized.

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