An Ability to Trust

stepping-4It is one of the most important aspects in our lives: the ability to trust that what we know in ourselves to be true is the correct way to go. Too often we bow to outside pressures and compromise what we have a strong sense of inside. Each time we compromise ourselves in this way, it weakens our ability to listen to our own truth. It’s a type of betrayal and it can cause us to lose our sense of who we are. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the first couple of dreams, I remember in one I must be part of an underground network because things are being passed to me that are supposed to be somewhat secret. But this one man keeps trying to pass something to me that I object to. I’m irritable by it. I don’t really want to take things from him, and other people are giving me a hard time about it. But it’s like there’s just something there I don’t trust.

I leave that for a little while and I’m going for a bus ride with the people I’m involved with and, again, there’s a man there that is holding me too tight on one part of the area and I want to get distance. And I realize other people around me don’t understand that. But there’s something that feels off to me. It’s like, too—I want a little more space. It’s hard to explain to anyone because they just feel like things are fine like they are, but it doesn’t feel fine to me.

And, as a matter of fact, later on in a dream, I discover the first man that was passing stuff to me, that he was actually kind of running guns or something that I didn’t want involved. So I was right in my way of looking at it to have reacted to him.

With the second man, where I felt like there was a little bit of holding too tight, or it just felt like being pulled more into what he was doing. And I had a friend with me, when we got to where we were all going, that I kind of wanted to explain that to her, but I realized that she just couldn’t really see it my way.Plus she’s just totally focused on whatever she needs to get done right now. And I even go to her room with her to help her get ready for an event and she’s got a cat that’s gotten out.

So, those dreams kind of ran together and I didn’t remember a lot of detail from them, other than the certain frustration I was feeling as I tried to kind of get enough space for whatever I was looking for.

And also that they all took place in kind of—it was kind of dark all the time. And then I had another dream.

John: Well, what you’re doing in this dream is you’re finding a means inside of yourself by which you can tell whether something is right or not right. It has to do with how you hold or adhere the echo of a vibration of a note that indicates the harmony or not of what is unfolding in front of you.

And so you have this capacity inside yourself to be able to know. And when you don’t is when you let go of something in terms of a trust or a wholeness that’s part of yourself, which is like the woman that let the cat out. And the cat being a certain quality of feminine wile, in terms of being able to ascertain or denote subjectively whether something is correct or not.

So as I listened to the dream, I kept trying to determine how it is that you kind of knew that. Did you access some aspect of masculine clarity about the issue? But it really doesn’t say that you did. It just says that you relied upon a center of knowingness that you naturally seem to carry or embody that you were able to put your attention or attunement to, as the keynote for guidance in terms of something hidden within, or energetic within, that you’re able to feel and sense, or catch up with, or however you would say that.

That you are able to see, that you’re able to trust, and it is able to steer you right because you have enough inner clarity to be able to note that that is something that is there. That is segregated from personal contamination, so that you do not have to contend with the hints and inflections that you get as being contaminated in some sense based upon personal prerogative that gets in the way.

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