Accepting the Challenge

Nancy Hannans

We live in a results-oriented culture. It’s not enough to have good intentions, we have to perform, we have to produce. But our creator, and the universe, doesn’t see us that way. It knows we have the basic tools, but also that we have a long way to go. And each person has different abilities. But that’s okay, because the universe is much more interested in our intentions than our results. If we are struggling to be useful to creation, then creation will send us the support we need. If we only struggle to be of use to ourselves, we are on our own. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My sleep was kind of shallow last night so I didn’t remember much of my dreams, except the one dream where I was in the city and I had crawled out this odd looking gate. And then was kind of looking at a vast number of lines of how you could get from one point to another and trying to find a path that would take me the right way through, and then it was a little confusing.

That’s all really I remember, except I also remember there was something about a German Shepherd, but I don’t recall the details.

John: Well that’s the condition that one’s in, but it’s not essential that one sees from A to Z. What’s essential is that one has the audacity in one’s nature to hold onto a focus and an intent, because there’s something deep within that does penetrate through it all. That does know and can catch up with all that there is that’s meant to be known.

But you can’t do it and it won’t happen, if you don’t accept, so to speak, the challenge. If you don’t come forward and place yourself into the possibility. And the extremes that life is that way. Because if a person did know what to do or how to do it, it would probably make a mess of things. Because there’s no way of looking at life from the standpoint of the way our consciousness seems to work.

We’re restricted into a smallness side of our being and we’re having to, from there, access to something that’s beyond the beyond. And so for us to ponder the idea that we can know what needs to be done, is part of the big illusion or joke to it all. Anyone who thinks that they can do that, or steps out as if something like that is meaningful, is going to find that they are on a tangent.

However, the focus and intent to try to make a breakthrough, to reach what is needed, is within the human being’s capacity.

It seems like you have an oddity, where you have a human being that isn’t capable of doing anything, yet you seem to only have a focus and intent that can permeate beyond the limitations, even though they can’t know, don’t know, where that takes them.

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