Nothing Happens

Jason DeCaires Taylor


It may seem confusing: to be unable to know what is required and still have the need to do something. But it’s exactly the case, because the only way we can get the intelligence to make the next step is to take the first step. Answers can’t come to us before we act, they arrive on time in the moment of need. That’s the realm of guidance – it has to be triggered by us, by our need. If we haven’t made an initial foray into something, such a need is only theoretical. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my first dream, I’m in a restaurant and this restaurant has this huge, large banquet table. Sitting at this table is a whole bunch of cops. And of course, I’m a cop too. So, we’ve gathered at this restaurant.

And I remember coming to this place long ago and eating here when I had first joined the force. At that time, I was eager to be part of what was involved. And in my excitement, I saw myself reaching out, or probing out, striking out, into life. And to do that, of course, I made independent decisions that were part of what I felt the process was all about.

My feeling now is that everyone on the force is holding back, expecting something from me to happen first, before they can even make a simple decision of ordering the food. In fact, they’re not even going to order the food here, unless I do something. I’m trying to break the spell.

The first step is for them to realize where they are, to take note of their surroundings, and to reach out, each of them, and touch life here and now, to go ahead and order something in this wonderful place we are in.

I wake up just when I notice that it’s the younger ones, or the rookies on the force, that still have it in them, to potentially strike out or reach out or probe out into life. This will hopefully break the ice, if they strike out and order.

When everyone sits in a trance unable to make a decision, not able to take responsibility, nothing happens.

The meaning of the dream is, in this dream a collective consciousness lethargy in life is keeping things from flowing.

What is needed is like a new blood action. The old way, the old mannerisms, the old patterns, that which has become set in its nature and is conditional upon something else going on first before it can act, is that whole demeanor of not knowing how to strike out. It’s stifling what is possible.

And the scenario is everywhere I look, people appear like they are in a trance, not knowing what is coming next. It is as if everyone is afraid of even looking at the situation, as if they might wrongfully affect it or something. Or I guess they don’t want to believe what’s been happening in front of their eyes.

By being like this, nothing is able to happen.

So that’s the first dream. You have to do something. And it’s actually said that the focus and attention, a human being can never know what’s really going on, but they have a focus and attention that can make the difference.

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