A Needed Change

Psychometric2Yes, we all have resistance in us, and we don’t always understand what has created it or triggered it. We can resist, even in the face of something we intellectually really want, but perhaps emotionally or psychologically are still not ready for. That creates blockage and it prevents us from moving forward. Sometimes, as a last resort, we just let go – and everything starts to flow again. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In this next dream, I’m in a scenario in which the expectation is the something more needs to transpire, but there is something in the way holding back what needs to naturally flow. The holding back is causing a forlorn vibration to emanate into the atmosphere.

I notice that this is like a trance. By being like this, I’m affecting what is possible. I say to the guide that I am with that if I am blocking a flow, I need to be set aside. If my usefulness is no more, then I’m okay with it being recognized that I’m expendable, the idea being that if I come back fresh for another go around in life, maybe the frame of reference and focus needed that I must touch or reach that I am currently missing, will be there.

I no more than make the statement, than a huge veil arises and the dream hits a wall. I nearly forget the dream.

The meaning is that I’m being compelled to step out with a quality of the heart to touch life with a new fervor that invokes, that in and of itself might—even though I don’t know how it will necessarily do it—invoke a needed change. To not do so, would be a travesty that, in the dream, I cannot bear facing.

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