The Right Keys

key_optThe image of post boxes and keys in a dream speaks to us of getting messages and gaining access to things. But in fumbling for the keys, perhaps a deeper message is being relayed: this message is not for you, but the message is for others to be reached through your efforts. Which is a great service to provide – like the role of a teacher. All intelligence from the universe doesn’t come directly to us, sometimes it speaks to us through other people and other events. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I go to a post office and open up two doors that are—in other words, the boxes are in sections and there’s a middle section and my box is in it, so I open up two doors that are to this area. And I look and look for my key in my pocket. I get my key ring out and I keep going over it, and over it and over it, and I can’t find the key to a box that I know I have in this area.

Finally, another person comes along to get their mail. I make the comment, “I guess I just have too many keys.” In other words, I can’t seem to discern the key that I need. So try as I might, I can’t find my key. I make the comment that, “I guess I’m just there to open the area up so others can get their mail.”

I keep looking and suddenly realize it is there, but it’s on a section of the key ring off to one side where I was not looking. As I find the key, I’m now suddenly on a trip somewhere else, so I’m unable to get my mail. The mail at this postal pack station will overflow the box before I get back. I forgot to leave the key behind, so my brother can get the mail while I’m gone.

As I’m writing this up, I realize that I don’t have a mailbox in a postal pack station, so how I left things will be okay.

The meaning is my efforts help others, but not myself, in terms of accessing something in manifestation. I may think and even believe I have a place here that is important to what needs to occur, but when it is all said and done, the place where I think I have a connection, doesn’t exist. It’s kind of shocking, isn’t it?

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