Maintaining an Emptiness

Hani Amir

It’s not a common understanding but, as humans, we are able to connect to higher energies and give them access into this world through us. No other creature can do that, which might tell us something about our design and purpose. And what can move through us can be far more potent than anything we could do on our own. But for this process to take place, we can’t be filled with the noise of our ego – we have to put our intentions on the whole. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the dream that I had yesterday afternoon, I see myself as a woman who’s affected by environmental conditions. And I don’t seem to have at my ready disposal my usual acuity to the place in terms of being able to do something.

I have it in my nature, but it’s just not right there at the moment. And because it’s in my nature, it’s been brought to me. I brought it to my support, but because it’s in my nature, it has to go wherever I go. If I can just gain access to this again, this is what it takes to be effective. So I stare at my condition from a couple different angles in the dream.

In the next image, in order to try to make this breakthrough, I come to the conclusion that I just need a little propulsion in getting my energy up to speed. So it’s as if there’s another aspect of myself I need to overcome, or another woman, and that I’m hanging back.

So two people, one on one side and one on the other, grab me and then throw me forward, so that the force of my nature propels and hits this other woman to make the difference, as if it’s okay to be jarred awake like that. I must be careful to not get over established in the exterior, over established by doing this.

This dream is also an answer to a deliriousness I’m contending with because I am tired. I am seeking to establish what I think is necessary to do what is important in my duty or something. That’s my gut feeling.

And the meaning that I wrote is, what I’m doing in life appears to have problems in that I’m not able to ground in a way that makes a difference.

I’m propelled into the scenario or into the outer. Maybe this is how it is done if I am in another place of seeing and not doing. Or can it mean, which is another possible meaning, spirit is willing, the body is still off. It is the spirit energy that is the answer. This seems to correspond to my meditation dream.

So, it does seem to indicate that what is able to bring to bear in this situation may be helpful for others, but as far as who we are and how we are, doesn’t do anything for us because this is not where we belong. We’re not a part of that. We throw ourselves into the situation only to find out that that isn’t so. And in your particular case, you have something deeper that needs to awaken.

This is a tough dream, isn’t it? What it seems to also say on a deeper level, however, is that, at least this is how I’m looking at it on another level, is that one actually has to maintain an emptiness in their being in order to be effective in terms of making a difference in life.

It’s as if it seems to require something more. And so it’s like a mystery to be sorted out. Your dream and my two dreams here kind of put us in a trick box almost.

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