No Elixir

7766630_origIt’s a curious desire of humans to keep trying to fix things, but sometimes it’s better to throw the whole thing out and start from scratch. That’s true of our personal development because there are certain aspects of our psychologies that we will never overcome. We just need to put our efforts into the ways we want to be now. And so it is with the world, too. The systems we have are broken and need to be reimagined: we can’t create a better system unless we start to include human purpose into the discussion. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, the main dream that I have that kind of precedes, goes on during, and after my main dream, it’s also tied into what’s going on with me physically, like I have a slight headache and I keep waking up frequently. And I can tell like my spine is a little out of alignment. I’m just feeling a little off.

As I do that, that’s reflected in the dream by an energy that seems to run through, but that keeps getting torn down at some point, almost bounced off. There’s a sense of this energy that builds and flows through. As it flows through, at some point, it keeps getting kind of bounced around or broken down. You know, it’d come up to a certain point and it kind of shifts. And as everybody studies this, they don’t know what’s causing the shift or this kind of breaking down, you know, so something’s not quite going through.

Now, what I know, but don’t necessarily reveal to the people, is that I know that I’m causing that deliberately. Because at some point, because it’s not quite like the note that it needs to be, I let it go so far and then I have to tear it down because I have to get it realigned.

I don’t necessarily reveal that to the other people. It’s more like they’re seeing an energy come through and then something happens that shifts it or breaks it down or stops it, or whatever it does. But I know that I have to keep kind of tearing it down until it’s right. I just don’t necessarily reveal that I’m the one doing that.

John: Wow, that’s a pretty interesting, deep dream. What it’s saying is that, and what you’re realizing is that, you take in the information of this situation, it builds to a certain culmination, an energetic culmination inside of yourself.

And as it builds to this culmination, there’s a frustration that arises because what you take in, what builds to a certain culmination inside of yourself, doesn’t have the answer either. I mean you’ve gotten as close to it as you can. And so you have to tear it down. Or other words, you have to go empty again. You have to go into a nothingness. You can’t be on some sort of mannerism or motif. You can’t take any set position.

So, then you are introduced to the inflection and data of things in life, the input of things in life all over again, builds up to another crescendo, you know, where supposedly maybe then something breaks through, as if that gets you to an answer. But no, that has to be torn down again, too. You have to start all over, which means that these are the images of all of the attempts in which one is looking, or striking out, to do something to make a difference is ineffective.

And so if it’s ineffective, it’s because something about this place, something about what is unfolding, isn’t in line to be saved. It’s part of a process of us letting go, because something about how things are around us, it’s over for them. It’s over. There is no elixir to be found. Something has to arise from the ashes of things and it is reached through an emptiness.

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