In Motion

dreams88In this process of analyzing dreams, we can see clearly that there are parts of our system that know far more about what is going on with us than our conscious brain. How else could our dreams show us things that we don’t yet know, or acknowledge, about ourselves and what is occurring in our lives? It seems greatly comforting that we have a custodial surveillance upon our own lives, and that it wants the best for us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I think you had to do all the hard work last night because I just had a really, really deep dreamless sleep most of the night. And then towards morning I may have had a few dreams but the only one I remember is it’s like I was taking a taxi ride back to the hotel like we did last night, or in the cab coming back, and there was this back and forth process with the ride.

And it felt like as the ride went on that whoever was driving the cab was gradually replacing parts of my body. It was almost like my body was made up of these round balls. They were gradually replacing it with somebody else, so by the time we got back here I was going to be all replaced so I interrupted the process before they could replace me completely.

John: It just indicates that something is awakening or coming through. In other words, you’re in motion. You’re like you are on a ride, you’re on a journey, and in that something is coming through that needs to be there, which is kind of the dream’s way of saying that something is being worked on in order to get you into shape.

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